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Lady of the Harbour

This is an unbelievably entertaining film that incorporates many levels. It is not just about refugees who arrive on the Greek islands by boat and their life in Greece. During the film, you will certainly start asking yourself how and why Chinese people decided to flee specifically to Greece. You’ll find out more about this little-known chapter of history, and, at the same time, enjoy the conflicts that arise between chaotic, but from the heart, assistance and the aid provided by highly professional “Western” organisations. It is really possible to say that one is better than the other?

Kristýna Brožová
Migration programme coordinator, People in Need

Festival Tip

A Better Man

It really makes me unbelievably angry when I hear those over-clever chauvinists talk about how the MeToo campaign is only a senseless witch-hunt. I would like to recommend to all of them to watch this film, and just maybe they might realise there is truly a need to address sexual violence using all possible available proper means.

Ondřej Moravec
One World programme director

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