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The Prince of Nothingwood

It’s fascinating to watch the determination with which Salim Shaheen and his actors stubbornly overcome one obstacle after another: the strict father of one of the actresses doesn’t let his eyes off his daughter during filming, some of the actors have absolutely no talent, the ever-present bystanders, and even exploding rocket fire. The eyewitness accounts of the actors, who finished shooting a scene only after removing the dead, are themselves wrapped in bandages, provide authentic evidence about the resilience of people who have never known peace.

Jaroslav Petřík
Coordinator of PIN projects in Afghanistan

Festival Tip

A Woman Captured

The wrinkled face of charismatic Maris is ingrained in my memory. She guides us through her unexpected story of modern slavery in Hungary. Thanks to the filmmaker’s exceptional access and the closeness of the camera, we become witnesses to an important moment in Maris’s life.

Julie Kárová
One World festival programmer

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