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Nothing Like Before

The Sudetenland has been the subject of more than one documentary film, although most of them succeeded in presenting a mere caricature of this place. Nothing Like Before is an important change in this regard: it takes us up close and personal into the lives of several young people from the town of Varnsdorf as they search for direction in life. An extraordinary journey into the soul of our country’s periphery.

Ondřej Kamenický
One World festival director

Festival Tip

Becoming Who I Was

This documentary only lightly touches on the theme of human rights, but it will draw you in with its human dimension. The film is a nicely done portrait of the close, warm, and affectionate relationship between a young boy and his teacher and their common battle to attain a goal. It is also about the effort and time that it may take an individual to fulfil their dreams, which, in the case of the young Rinpoche, is finding his monastery.

Sylva Horáková
Head of the Human Rights Department, People in Need

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