Panel Debates

Where is Ukraine Heading?

08. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film Back Home

In early 2014 Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, leading to war in eastern Ukraine. Media and political interest in the Crimea and the...

Democracy in the Hands of Technocrats

09. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film The Érpatak Model

Many of the world’s countries call themselves democratic. In reality, the democratic mechanisms function only at a formal level and politicians...

Robots: Friends for Old Age

10. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film Alice Cares

Many people live out their old age in loneliness, either at home or in an institution. Technological progress may offer a solution: a small robot as a...

The Internet in Government Hands

11. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film Deep Web

Repressive regimes misuse the Internet to track and harm unwanted critics. However, a tendency to increase the secret service’s role in the name...

Marriage for All

12. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film Gayby Baby

Gays and lesbians in CZ still cannot marry or adopt a child but thousands of children already live in such families. At the same time, more countries...

Disappearing Acres

13. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film Land Grabbing

Approved by of local leaders, rich corporations take over vast tracts of land in emerging countries, driving small farmers away. Arable land in the Czech...

Benefits of Migration for Europe

14. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film The Crossing

The Czech government’s original categorical stand against accepting immigrants has eased. Does this mean that the German approach is gaining ground?...

Syria: A Conflict with No Solution?

15. 03. 2016 | 20:00:00
After film Houses Without Doors

The Syrian War has dragged on for 5 years and has claimed almost 250,000 lives. International efforts to achieve peace have so far failed.  Is it...

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