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Awarded Films

The Best Film Award

The Act of Killing, directed by Joshua Oppenheimer (Denmark / 2012 / 115 min.)

From Grand Jury statement: „The Grand jury appreciates the unprecedented approach to deal with the topic. The director travels to the mind of his characters whose personalities are being transformed right in front of the audience as if they followed a real time psychotherapy. We appraise the strong visual and formal qualities of the movie where the director originally managed to compose the approaches so diverse as a slapstick comedy, American gangster films and document.“ 


The Best Director Award

Entangled, directed by Lidia Duda (Poland / 2012 / 51 min.)

From Grand Jury statement: „The Best Director Award was awarded for a subtle treatment of the topic of pedophilia observed from the both sides of the problem. The director has managed to give a strong message without even showing the faces of her characters. We would also like to credit the soundtrack that supports the visual of the movie and helps the audience to better cope with the harsh topic."


Grand Jury Special Mention 

A World Not Ours, directed by Mahdi Fleifel (Lebanon, Great Britain, Denmark/ 2012 / 93 min.)

From Grand Jury statement: „Mahdi Fleifel took the role of the family chronicle keeper after his father and came back to the place of his childhood – the Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Mahdi´s film shows the inhabitants with a slight dose of humor while not covering their difficult situation. His work with the original and file footage gives the audience a chance to experience a whole range of emotions."


The Award for a documentary that made an exceptional contribution to the defense of human rights 

Bahrain, the Forbidden Country, directed by Stéphanie Lamorre (France / 2012 / 52 min.)

From Václav Havel Jury statement: „The statement by one of the protesters that “without freedom there is no point in living” seemed to sum up the whole film and the raison d’etre of their struggle. We were particularly impressed by the fact that the protest is supported by all ages, all classes and what was particularly striking was the leadership and commitment of the women in the movement. We hope that by giving the award to this film we can bring about a greater awareness of, and more international support for - their struggle. And even as we speak, one of lead protestors Zainab al-Khawaja is currently back in prison like many of her fellow protesters."


Václav Havel Jury Special Mention 

Where Heaven Meets Hell, directed by Sasha Friedlander (USA / 2012 / 80 min.)

From Václav Havel Jury statement: „Not only we were impressed by the imagery in the film but also by the dignity and positive attitudes of the miners despite working in the most appalling conditions. The jury hopes by giving a special mention to this film we can draw attention to labor conditions that contravene human rights worldwide.“ 


Czech Radio Award

Village at the End of the World, directed by Sarah Gavron a David Katznelson (Great Britain, Denmark / 2012 / 76 min.) 

From Czech Radio Jury statement: „The Jury was struck by the minimalist music that perfectly fits to the atmosphere of the film and corresponds with its´ visual aspect. We have appreciated the technical quality of the contact sound as well as the neatly executed sound postproduction. We appraise the professional recording of the real sound and it´s perfectly balanced dynamics.”


Student Jury Award

Putin's Kiss, directed by Lise Birk Pedersen (Denmark / 2012 / 58 min.)

From Student Jury statement: “After a difficult decision-making process with the short-listed documentaries we have selected the movie that talks about the situation in contemporary Russia. It reveals the topic, that is not so well known to us and it raises number of questions to be discussed. We have also appreciated the formal aspect of the movie. We have especially identified with the main character Masha, who is in our age.“ 


Bageterie Boulevard Audience Award

Punk Syndrome, directed by Jukka Kärkkäinen a Jani-Petteri Passi (Finland / 2012 / 85 min)



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