Love During Wartime | Film Festival One World 2011
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Love During Wartime

Love During Wartime
Gabriella Bier / Sweden, Denmark / 2010 / 92 min.

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Love during Wartime is a Romeo and Juliet for our times. Two star-crossed lovers decide to take on the world with the only weapon they have - their love for each other, which emerged from the rubble of demolished houses and the hopelessness of the conflict in the Middle East. Osama is a sculptor and Palestinian Muslim who has fallen in love with Jasmin, a Jewish ballet dancer from Israel. The only thing they want is to live together. From opposite sides of a barbed wire fence, they pursue a common dream, which strives to overcome the suspicions of the Israeli state and the grudges of Palestinian society. They finally only find a chance to fulfil their dream by leaving together and moving far away to Germany. However, they find that the everyday reality of their situation is a long way from what they had envisioned…



11.03. / 22:00 / Světozor malý sál
12.03. / 15:30 / Světozor velký sál
+ Debate: Gabriela Bier (režisérka/director), Jasmin and Assi (aktéři/characters) + moderator: Scott Hudson
14.03. / 17:30 / Evald


I Want To Break Free


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