Coal in the Soul | Film Festival One World 2011
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Coal in the Soul

Ženy SHR
Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník / Czech Republic / 2010 / 58 min.

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Hana Krejčová, a castle warden in Horní Jiřetín in north Bohemia, and Liběna Novotná, a spokeswoman for Czech Coal, have diametrically opposing views on the important things in life. The former is fighting to preserve the local landscape and protect cultural monuments. The latter, meanwhile, has "grown up with coal", and finds magic in the moon-like terrain, and is loyal to her employers. Martin Dušek and Ondřej Provazník's documentary reveals the emotions both women experience as they strive to do what they believe is right. Mining is gradually swallowing more villages and land; monuments and landmarks are being lost forever, while recultivation takes many years. Krejčová sings at the local church, looks after cats and horses, and tries to hold on to what little land has been left to her; excavators have already destroyed the place where she grew up. Novotná defends her employer and discusses ethical questions with her children. The chasm between the two women's outlooks reflects a fundamental issue. On one hand we need coal as a source of energy; on the other we risk destroying nature and losing places where, until recently, people lived. Coal in the Soul won the Best Czech Documentary Award at last year's Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.



09.03. / 19:30 / Atlas velký sál
+ Debate: Martin Dušek, Ondřej Provazník (režiséři/directors) + moderator: Tamara Urválková
11.03. / 14:00 / Lucerna
+ Debate: Ondřej Provazník, Martin Dušek (režiséři/directors) + moderator: Iva Bartošová
12.03. / 20:00 / Atlas malý sál


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