Viera Čákanyová drží cenu Jednoho světa a kytici.

The One World knows the winners!

The award-winning films at this year’s 26th edition of One World IFF were announced this evening (March 28th) at Cinema Lucerna in Prague, officially wrapping up the festival’s Prague segment. What films took home this year’s top prizes?

The 26th edition of One World International Documentary Film Festival saw its winning films selected not only by its esteemed jury members but also, in certain categories, by its audience members.  

This year's One World featured a total of 96 feature-length films, 10 virtual reality projects, as well as short films for children. New to the One World festival programme this year was the addition of scripted, fictional films touching on human rights themes. 

Over 21,000 festivalgoers attended One World in Prague this year. 

International Competition Jury 

The International Competition Jury awarded the Best Director Prize to Kumjana Novakova for her film Silence of Reason. The film draws upon archive footage from the Hague Tribunal, providing a platform for the voices of women who endured harrowing experiences of sexual violence and torture during the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The International Competition Jury awarded the Best Film Prize to Life is Beautiful, directed by Mohamed Jabaly. In this very personal documentary, young Palestinian filmmaker Mohamed sets out on his first journey to Europe, unaware that what was meant to be just a month-long stay in Norway would eventually transform into an involuntary exile, shrouded in uncertainty with no foreseeable conclusion in sight. 

Václav Havel Jury 

In the Right to Know category, the Václav Havel Jury awarded the Best Film Prize to, directed by Brazilian documentary filmmaker Caio Cavechini. The film offers insight into Brazil's divided society, where threats and violence are common tactics used by right-wing extremists. 

Czech Competition Jury 

Among the festival’s traditional categories include the Czech Competition, where a jury comprised of representatives from various international festivals selects the best Czech or Czech co-produced documentary from the past and current year. 

The Czech Competition Jury awarded the prize for Best Czech or Czech co-produced film from the past and current year to Notes from Eremocene, directed by Viera Čákanyová. 

Immersive Films Competition Jury 

The Immersive Films Competition Jury awarded their prize to the virtual reality project that demonstrated the most significant social impact within the Immersive Films Competition category. Evaluation criteria include the innovative use of immersive technology and compelling narratives aimed at raising awareness of human rights issues. 

The prize was awarded to the project I Took a Lethal Dose of Herbs, directed by Yvette Granata. 

Regional Jury 

The Regional Jury, which comprises two representatives nominated by One World Festival’s regional partners, awarded the film Tack, directed by Vania Turner. The film follows a Greek Olympic sailing champion whose life takes a turn for the worst after accusing a high-ranking sports official of rape, sparking the first #MeToo movement in Greece. 

Student Jury 

Every year, the festival selects a group of secondary school students who are actively involved in the One World in Schools programme. During the festival, they evaluate and select the best film in the One World for Students category. This year, the Student Jury Award went to the film Rahčan - Ella’s Riot, directed by Anne Marte Blindheim. 

Children's Jury 

For the first time in history, the festival awarded a prize in the Docs For Families category for a short-length film that was shown as part of morning school screenings. The film was chosen by students involved in the year-long One World in Schools educational programme run by People in Need. The Children's Jury Prize was awarded to the animated film The Girl with Brass Rings, directed by Sai Naw Kham. 

The Audience Award for Best Film 

In this year's edition, the audience also had the chance to decide on the Audience Award winner and vote for their favourite film at the festival. The audience chose from 96 feature-length films, which included documentaries and the newly added fictional films. This year’s Audience Award went to the documentary film Is There Any Place For Me, Please?, directed by Jarmila Štuková. 

The Abakus Foundation Audience Award for Exceptional Debate 

This year, audiences were once again given the opportunity to vote for their favourite post-film debate that they felt best enriched and complemented the screened film. Out of 141 debates, the debate on the film Tack emerged victorious, having been held in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The debate was led by Irena Hůlová from Amnesty International and lawyer Daniel Bartoň and was moderated by Anna Kotvalová. 

This year's One World Festival showcased an impressive lineup, featuring 96 feature-length films, 10 captivating virtual reality projects, and a selection of short films tailored for children. A notable addition to this year's program was the inclusion of scripted feature films exploring pressing human rights issues. Welcoming over a hundred esteemed guests to Prague from diverse corners of the globe, including India, Brazil, Colombia, and the United States, the festival truly embraced its international spirit. A total of 48 cities across the Czech Republic participated in this year's edition, with select regions continuing the One World experience until April 21st. 

Thank you for experiencing One World in Prague with us. We look forward to next year!