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The World According to My Dad

(Jiříkovo vidění)

Artist Marta and her scientist father Jiří set out on a journey with the aim of not only saving the world, but also reaching a mutual understanding. The documentary is a humorous observation of a family dream, which is not always understood by the public.

Director Marta Kovářová filmed a “global home essay”, which is a portrait of her father Jiří Svoboda, a renowned physicist who comes up with a “simple” plan to save the world – to unify the carbon mining fee system. But because Jiří is only a suspicious physicist and not a climatologist or a politician, his voice is not heard in the public sphere. Although the two tour international summits together, their efforts seem to have made no progress after a year and remain their private domestic revolution. While this fact exhausts Marta emotionally and she blames herself, Jiří maintains a phlegmatic approach, not only to issues of science but also to life.

Kolárovo divadlo, Jiráskova 151, Police nad Metují

TitleThe World According to My Dad
Original TitleJiříkovo vidění
Original LanguageCzech, English
Zněníoriginal audio, children’s films dubbed in Czech
Subtitles Czech subtitles, select films have descriptive Czech or English subtitles (look for the accessibility icons next to each screening)
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginCzech Republic, Slovakia
Length77 min.
Tags Nature, Possibilities of the Future, Lifestyle, Europe
Director Marta Kovářová

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The World According to My Dad