Woman in striped sweater reaching out with a frisbee.

Ping Pong Family

(Ping Pong Family)

A group of people from various backgrounds regularly meets in Oslo’s Schous plass to play table tennis. Through the sport, they make friends and create a distinctive community.

Weather permitting, it’s always busy around the popular ping pong tables. People like to stop, chat, and either watch other players or play themselves. Their shared passion for the sport overcomes language barriers and social differences. The diverse community acts as a family, experiencing everyday events together as well as key milestones in life. But because some of its members have liberal views about drug and alcohol consumption, the city threatens to remove the tables. This film about togetherness raises questions as to whether public spaces are truly open to all without any differences.

Kavárna V břiše velryby, Nám. Míru 1387 (Havelský park), Mladá Boleslav

TitlePing Pong Family
Original TitlePing Pong Family
Original LanguageEnglish, Norwegian, Swedish
Zněníoriginal audio, children’s films dubbed in Czech
Subtitles Czech subtitles, select films have descriptive Czech or English subtitles (look for the accessibility icons next to each screening)
PremiéraInternational premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginNorway
Length59 min.
Tags Migration, Feel Good, Europe
Director Åsmund Hasli
Ping Pong Family