Two Ukrainian soldiers in a vehicle; one drives while the other looks at the camera.

White Angel – The End of Marinka

(White Angel – The End of Marinka)

Policeman Vasyl Pipa helps evacuate the population of the town of Marinka, which came under Russian fire. For several months, the camera on his helmet captures footage that provides evidence of war crimes.

Marinka, a town in the Donetsk region, once had 10,000 inhabitants. When Russia invaded Ukraine, almost everyone had to flee. Policeman Vasyl Pipa and a team of volunteers try to evacuate people who have been hiding in dark, damp basements for weeks, bag the dead, provide first aid to the injured, and treat shrapnel wounds. They travel in an ordinary van, which the locals soon nickname the White Angel. On a small camera attached to his helmet, Vasyl captures the dramatic events in eastern Ukraine as they happen. In this way, he manages to film an authentic testimony of how Russia is attempting to erase Marinka from the face of the earth.

Kino Mír 70 Velký sál, Nám. Míru 1/14, Krnov

Language: Ukrainian
Subtitles: Czech
TitleWhite Angel – The End of Marinka
Original TitleWhite Angel – The End of Marinka
Original LanguageUkrainian
Zněníoriginal audio, children’s films dubbed in Czech
Subtitles Czech subtitles, select films have descriptive Czech or English subtitles (look for the accessibility icons next to each screening)
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginGermany
Length103 min.
Tags Cost of Safety, Europe, Ukraine
Director Arndt Ginzel

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White Angel – The End of Marinka