Ondřej Soukup
Antré Theatre Club
Horní 2

Ondřej Soukup's lecture

One World is not just about movies. Every year it also offers an accompanying programme of concerts and lectures. Ondřej Soukup, a journalist and expert on contemporary Russia and Ukraine, a long-time editor of Hospodářské noviny who has been working at Czech Radio since April last year, accepted the invitation to this year's event.

Ondřej Soukup was born in 1971 and spent the years from 1986 to 1989 in Moscow, somewhat involuntarily, because his parents got a job in the press department of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. Although he was convinced after his return to Czechoslovakia that he never wanted to hear about Russia again, he eventually devoted his entire professional career to it.

His lecture will focus on current events in Ukraine and Russia. The lecture will be in Czech.