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Martin Baxa, ministr kultury
Martin Baxa, Minister of Culture

Martin Baxa

Minister of Culture

One world: it’s not just a place for harbouring life, but also a place to reflect on it, as seen in the documentary films shown at the festival of the same name. One World International Film Festival, which is affiliated with People in Need, presents documentaries on international human rights to domestic audiences. Thanks to these films, we know just how different the realities of life can be, even when events are happening just a few hundred kilometres away. It’s crucial that these One World films are seen by pupils and students in Czech primary and secondary schools. And not just because they’ll help them realise life isn’t the same everywhere else, but also because they’ll often encourage them to help out and to be more empathetic. Special guests are key to the festival’s success: filmmakers and creatives, those featured onscreen, and human rights defenders from around the world. Thanks to their efforts, the mediated experience is stronger, more rounded, and easier to grasp. One World has rightfully earned its honourable mention from UNESCO. And this year, One World IFF celebrates 30 years of its existence. After a pandemic hiatus, it now returns to cinemas and to its traditional March dates. I want to thank the festival for giving us hope and faith in a world that’s not apathetic. I wish the creatives much success and I hope all those attending the films and discussions have an inspiring experience.  

Jan Lipavský před budovou Ministerstva zahraničních věcí.
Jan Lipavský, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jan Lipavský

Minister of Foreign Affairs

One World Festival's theme this year is "Journeys of Freedom," and it explores the ways in which people in undemocratic regimes strive for what the youngest generation of Czechs now take for granted: freedom and democracy. Freedom is a fragile thing, and you have to work at it constantly. Right now, the whole world is watching the Ukrainian people's heroic struggle for freedom in their country, and the words of their national anthem are being broadcast live: “We won’t spare either our souls or bodies to achieve freedom.” In addition to the devastating tragedies and acts of violence, we're also witnessing an unprecedented wave of human solidarity. The global crisis is transforming not only us personally, but also our entire system of international relations and the world order as we know it. A new era is dawning and there are a whole lot of unknowns. I believe that now more than ever we need an anchor to help keep us grounded. We need core values that we can lean on. And for me personally — and speaking for our own foreign policy, which is based on the legacy of President Václav Havel — this “anchor” means human rights, freedoms, and defending those rights and freedoms.

I trust that after watching these festival films, audiences will grow inspired and muster up the strength in themselves to become actively involved in creating "one world" that is free and bold and respects the rule of law.

Zdeněk Hřib, Primátor hl. m. Prahy / Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of Prague
Zdeněk Hřib, Mayor of Prague

Zdeněk Hřib

Mayor of Prague

Dear viewers, 

Although we have grown accustomed to living in a bubble as a result of the COVID pandemic these past two years, we are still surrounded by one world. And that is why I feel it is a bad idea to turn our heads the other way and isolate ourselves from the problems popping up both near and far. 

One way to learn about some of these problems and reflect on them is through the One World Festival, which combines the craft of documentary film with current topics. I have very high regard for the festival's organizers who provide the general public, including schools, with films that open up such topical issues as the environment, social themes, and lifestyles. 

It is my belief that thanks in part to President Václav Havel's legacy, we are not and will not be apathetic to human rights issues in the broadest sense. I wish you, the audience members of One World Festival, rewarding experiences from these films and the discussions that follow. I hope you enjoy the program. 



Jan Lipavský Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic 

Martin Baxa – Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic 

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