Plný kinosál Lucerny, diváci sledují plátno.

Yesterday in Prague, the 24th Annual One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival started. This year's theme, "Journeys of Freedom", draws attention to places where illiberal things are occurring; things that have shaken the world of human rights and that remind us of how fragile freedom and democracy truly are. This year, the festival will offer 80 documentaries plus 6 films in virtual reality. It will also feature internationally acclaimed films previously screened at prestigious foreign film festivals. One World, in cooperation with the Institute of Documentary Film, will also support filmmakers in Ukraine with specially added screenings. The complete program can be found in full at

The festival will open with a Polish film directed by Kacper Lisowski entitled Judges Under Pressure, which exposes the current state of the Polish judiciary through a series of honest and courageous testimonies from male and female judges. The film shows just how quickly the "journeys of freedom" of an independent judiciary can be influenced by a government party and what awaits those who dare to defy it. A film about the steep fall of the independent judiciary in a country that's our neighbour and a member of the European Union is proof that we can never be sure freedom is always here to stay.

This very current documentary will be screened at the festival opening held at the Prague Crossroads and presented by a delegation composed of not only filmmakers, but, more importantly, also of those who face enormous pressure in the film. One such person is Judge Igor Tuleya. Audiences can also look forward to a debate with the creators and protagonists at the public opening screening in the Lucerna cinema or as part of the Talking Cinema series.

From 24 to 31 March, the festival will take over a total of seven Prague cinemas. It will also fill the spaces of the Municipal Library with virtual reality (VR) projects.

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