Talking Cinema: One World to offer debates with real-life experts

Na fotografii sedí muž a žena na podiu v plném kinosále, povídají si spolu po projekci filmu.


Talking Cinema is set to return to One World IFF this year for the fifth time. Featuring extensive debates, the programme will bring important figures and experts from different fields to Prague where their special appearances will go hand in hand with screenings of select films. All Talking Cinema events will be held at the premises of the Municipal Library at Mariánské náměstí. 

Bestselling author Frederik Obermaier, who now resides in Munich and appears in the film Behind the Headlines as one of the main protagonists, will talk about working as an investigative journalist at the largest daily in Germany, Süddeutsche Zeitung, which for the first time ever let a camera in for a peek into their work behind the scenes. At Süddeutsche Zeitung, Obermaier holds the position of Deputy Head of the Investigation Department and has received the Pulitzer Prize for his work. He focuses primarily on tax fraud, corruption, extremism, and secret services around the world. 

Mary L. Gray, an anthropologist and media expert on new technologies, will talk about the gig economy, which is beginning to transform the labour market. She will also cover the treatment of employees and the problems and causes associated with the gig economy phenomenon. Gray is a research fellow at Microsoft Research and a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. Her research addresses how the common use of technology by people is changing the labour market, social identity, and human rights. 

We will reveal other special guests on Wednesday, March 2nd along with the entire festival programme.

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