The Candidates


World premiere

Two young female politicians, two opposing ideological camps: one is a member of a right-wing nationalist movement, the other a chairwoman of a progressive party’s youth organisation. Are there any intersections at all in the work of these ideologically different leaders? And what does the election result mean to them?

While North Bohemian MP Tereza Hyťhová fights against social welfare programmes and for a "normal world", Georgia Hejduková speaks out against discrimination and talks openly about her life as a trans woman. This documentary film produced by Czech Television and directed by Jan Gebert follows the protagonists during the tense election campaign, presents their motivations for entering politics and looks inside the irreconcilable political bubbles of nationalists and liberals. The film also captures both women at the moment of the announcement of last year’s parliamentary election results.

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About the film

Czech Republic
2022 / 60 min.

Jan Gebert


Czech, English


Jan Gebert

Jan Gebert

2022 - The Candidates
2018 - When the War Comes
2012 - Stone Games


27. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Kino Lucerna VS
CSL Interpretation
Jan Gebert, director
29. 3.
21:00 h
Praha: Světozor MS
Georgia Hejduková, protagonist
31. 3.
20:00 h
Praha: Městská knihovna VS
Film block Open captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing
Georgia Hejduková, protagonist
Matyáš Toušek, protagonist
Tereza Hyťhová, protagonist
Petr Šiller, protagonist

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