After a Revolution

After a Revolution

Czech premiere

After a Revolution

War and an uncertain future are a part of life for two siblings, brother and sister, who are trying to live on despite complicated developments in post-revolutionary Libya.

Libya has been marked by numerous armed conflicts and destabilisation in the years following the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. “Nothing to think about except war,” is heard in the intro to this powerful dramatic story of a family from Bani Walid. Two siblings, both uncompromising personalities and important players in local revolutionary events, try to work for the good of their country each in their own way. Brother, who stands on the side of Gaddafi’s loyalists, deals with personal crises and remains in his native town. Sister has joined the rebels, going on to run for political office and speaking in favour of freedom and peace in Libya and in the international arena. Although their lives are distant, brother and sister always remain close.

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About the film

Italy, Libya
2021 / 121 min.

Giovanni Buccomino


Czech, English


Giovanni Buccomino

Giovanni Buccomino

2021 - After A Revolution
2020 - Untold Chaos


26. 3.
19:45 h
Praha: Evald
30. 3.
20:00 h
Praha: Atlas VS
Cherine Hussein, Senior Researcher at the IIR's Centre for the Study of Global Regions
May Tamimova, Researcher in Middle East Studies

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