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Thirty years since the end of Pinochet’s regime in Chile, the spectre of his era still hovers over the country. The protests of 2019 and 2020 were also affected by the dark past, as the Chilean people’s quest for a more just future was bloodily suppressed.

Angy and Felipe are both parents who by force of circumstance became activists. After witnessing the brutal treatment of students protesting against fare increases in the metro, they called their neighbours and set out to defend the students. Within two weeks, two million Chileans were on the streets protesting about the social inequality in the country, which has become South America’s most successful economy without much of the population benefiting from it. The protesters believed that a new constitution, replacing Pinochet’s, could help remedy the situation. Through Angy’s and Felipe’s eyes, we witness a year-long struggle for a better life in a country that has undergone so much.


Chile is fighting for democracy and the documentary Primera captures these protests through the eyes of activists, especially female activists, right in the centre of events. It is the women’s movement that is the focus of the impact campaign linked to the film. The campaign has clearly defined goals: to establish partnerships with organisations that will help improve conditions for indigenous peoples, establish international contacts and raise awareness about the situation in Chile around the world. Help them and share the information gained from the film with those around you! 

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About the film

2021 / 96 min.

Virgilio Bravo

English, Spanish

Czech, English


Virgilio Bravo

Virgilio Bravo

2021 - Primera


25. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Světozor VS
Vee Bravo, director
27. 3.
18:30 h
Praha: Městská knihovna MS

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