The Last Shelter

Le Dernier Refuge

Czech premiere

In the House of Migrants at the Sahara’s southern edge, people wanting to set out for Europe meet those who failed in their attempt. Inside, hundreds of stories are told; outside lies the vast and dangerous desert.

For years the House of Migrants in Gao, Mali, has been a place where people from all of Africa who dream of Europe pause in their journey to rest, physically and mentally. Many failed to reach a better life via Algeria – some return home traumatised and broken, others lie in an improvised cemetery in graves marked with their approximate date of death. Not even this deters Esther and Kady from Burkina Faso from setting out across a desert filled with danger, including armed groups. Malian filmmaker Ousmane Samassékou was inspired by the story of his uncle, who disappeared during his journey to Germany over 30 years ago. Among other awards, this exceptional film earned him the main prize at CPH:DOX.

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About the film

South Africa, France, Mali
2021 / 85 min.

Ousmane Samassékou

Bambara, English, Moore, French

Czech, English


Ousmane Samassékou

Ousmane Samassékou

2021 - The Last Shelter


26. 3.
16:00 h
Praha: Atlas MS
31. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Světozor VS
Jakub Andrle, Migration Awareness Project Coordinator
Katarína Pleskot Kollárová, project and media coordinator of the Migration Program

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