Angels of Sinjar

Angels of Sinjar

Czech premiere

Hanifa is trying to free her three sisters, who were captured by ISIS eight years ago in Sinjar, Iraq. They are missing to this day, as are many other Yazidis.

In 2014, the so-called Islamic State tried to exterminate the Yazidis, an ethnic-religious group living in the Sinjar region of north-western Iraq. The terrorists murdered the men and captured many women and girls to serve them, including as sex slaves. Hanifa and her two sisters are suffering a lifelong trauma, but they do not want to be just victims of genocide; Hanifa is determined not to give up until she frees her other three sisters. With the help of brave volunteers, she searches for them in refugee camps and among IS members. Will the abducted girls be found and reunited with their families? And will the traumatised Yazidis ever be able to live a normal life again? The film by Polish director Hanna Polak was co-produced by Czech Television.


Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad experienced the horrors perpetrated by ISIS on the Yazid minority. A magnificent recapitulation of these events is provided by the film Angels of Sinjar, one of whose protagonists is Nadia’s brother. The Nadia Murad Foundation is tasked with helping the Yazidi community, which has been forcibly uprooted from its homeland and whose members have suffered unimaginably. Your financial gift will help its future generations to live better.

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Germany, Poland, Czech Republic
2022 / 109 min.


English, German, Kurdish

Czech, English



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