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Many people imagine Brazil as an exotic, wild and exuberant country. But life in this “paradise” has its dark sides too. One of them is mineral mining.

Polluted air and water, heavy minerals found in crops, suffocating soil. A geographer returns to her native Brazil to track a disaster during which a wastewater reservoir in a mine burst. Toxic mud killed all life in a large river and hundreds of people lost their homes. Many mineral resources are mined in Brazil, including iron ore and gold. This results in an enormous volume of hazardous waste, whose proper management is usually not one of the mining company’s priorities. Using powerful, darkly poetic shots and personal testimonies, the film shows the extent of mining and its impact on nature and the daily life of locals. The documentary is a melancholic view of the suffering landscape and its interconnectedness with humans.

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About the film

2021 / 97 min.

Lucas Bambozzi


Czech, English


Lucas Bambozzi

Lucas Bambozzi

2021 - Ironland


27. 3.
20:00 h
Praha: Atlas VS
František Kalenda, Faculty of Humanities - Charles University
30. 3.
19:45 h
Praha: Evald

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