A Marble Travelogue

A Marble Travelogue

Czech premiere

The fate of white marble, which travels from the cradle of Western civilisation to the cradle of Eastern civilisation and back again, reveals the fascinating twists and turns of globalised trade.

A Chinese artist carves Hellenistic-style figures out of marble taken from a Greek quarry, trying to faithfully imitate the ancient art of Greek sculptors. But no part of the precious stone can be wasted. The powder that remains therefore becomes a raw material for fridge magnets, whose journey leads from China back to Greece’s souvenir stalls, where it ends up in the hands of Chinese tourists. This quiet but humorous documentary explores the mentality and living conditions of various players in this consumer chain, from a wealthy Chinese businessman to adult and child workers in a souvenir factory, to Greek twins who are the faces of business relations between Greece and China thanks to their brilliant Chinese language skills.

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About the film

France, Greece, Hong Kong, Netherlands
2021 / 97 min.

Sean Wang

English, French, Greek, Chinese

Czech, English


Sean Wang

Sean Wang

2021 - A Marble Travelogue
2017 - Lady of the Harbour


26. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Ponrepo
David Gardáš, analyst Sinopsis
29. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Atlas MS

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