The Wheel

The Wheel

Czech premiere

Mongolia ranks among the countries with the highest suicide rates in the world. This sensitively made film shows how this epidemic affects the rest of the country’s population.

One-third of the population is afflicted by poverty. Unemployment, alcoholism and corruption are rampant. Despair and feelings of hopelessness rule amongst people who have been forced to abandon their traditional way of life by changes in the modern world, and so the suicide rate has been consistently rising over many decades. Director Lkhagvasuren Nomin filmed the testimony of several individuals whose loved ones chose to voluntarily leave this world. Their sad narratives alternate with shots of the barren yet beautiful landscape, together forming a mournful image of life in a country from which the boundless freedom of former nomadic herders has long disappeared. The film won the award for best mid-length documentary at IDFA.

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About the film

2020 / 52 min.

Nomin Lkhagvasuren


Czech, English


Nomin Lkhagvasuren

Nomin Lkhagvasuren

2020 - The Wheel


25. 3.
17:30 h
Praha: Evald
Klára , Živá kniha
31. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Městská knihovna VS
Veronika Kapišovská, Institute of Asian Studies - Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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