I'm So Sorry

I'm So Sorry

Czech premiere

Scenic images from Fukushima or the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone form a poetic mosaic of the other side of nuclear energy, showing the thin line between progress and self-destruction on which humanity is balancing.

After the nuclear disaster, all the locals left the contaminated area around Chernobyl in Ukraine – except for Ivan, who is still living and digging flowerbeds here in the post-apocalyptic scenery. While anti-nuclear demonstrations are taking place in Japan and Germany is closing its last nuclear plants, elsewhere nuclear power is on the rise. How long can our planet feed the growing demand for energy? How safe are nuclear power plants today? And what will happen to the accumulated radioactive waste? This meditative film essay lets the panoramic shots of a beautiful but poisonous landscape, large warehouses of radioactive waste and children with lifelong health consequences speak for themselves.

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About the film

France, Hong Kong, Netherlands
2021 / 96 min.

Liang Zhao

German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian

Czech, English


Liang Zhao

Liang Zhao

2021 - I'm So Sorry
2018 - Lonely Voices
2015 - Behemoth
2009 - Petition


24. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Atlas MS
28. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Kino Lucerna VS
Edvard Sequens, energy expert
Dana Drábová, Chairwoman of State Office for Nuclear Safety

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