zo reken

zo reken

Czech premiere

In Haiti, the cars used by humanitarian workers in Port-au-Prince are nicknamed “zo reken”. Now one of them transports ordinary passengers and has become a mobile site for honest conversations and stories.

After the 2010 earthquake, the Toyota Land Cruiser (called “zo reken”, or “shark bone”, in Creole) has become a symbol of aid in Haiti. For the purpose of the film, one such car has been transformed into a mobile space for encounters and discussion among Haitians. The driver zigzags between barricades, potholes, and demonstrators. Its passengers discuss current problems – corruption, crime and neo-colonialism. Talk also turns to the work of humanitarian organisations, who on the one hand helped provide basic necessities, but also sowed enormous social and economic inequality. This film drive through Port-au-Prince is a comprehensive reflection about present-day Haiti.

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About the film

2021 / 86 min.

Emanuel Licha

Creole, French

Czech, English


Emanuel Licha

Emanuel Licha

2021 - zo reken
2016 - Hotel Machine
2010 - Mirages


25. 3.
18:30 h
Praha: Městská knihovna MS
27. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Světozor VS
Emanuel Licha, director

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