Jules & I

Jules & ik

Czech premiere

Teenaged Roos used to have a brother called Jules, but things have changed. Jules doesn’t feel male, so Roos is now growing up with an older sister rather than an older brother.

Roos tries to be supportive of her sister Jules during her transition from boy to girl. After all this is a visible change that affects not only the outside but also the psyche. Roos isn’t certain whether she’s giving her sister enough help during the transition process. Roos accepts Jules’ decision to become a girl and doesn’t question it. She’s much more worried about how others will react.

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About the film

2021 / 16 min.

Anne Ballon


(No Subtitles)


Anne Ballon

Anne Ballon

2021 - Jules & I


27. 3.
15:00 h
Praha: Ponrepo
Film block

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