Room Without a View

Room Without a View

Czech premiere

For most of the West, maids are a relic of the past, but in Lebanon they are still a common part of the household. This Austro-German film examines the unequal position of women who came to seek a better life in the Middle East.

They are not allowed out of the apartment, cannot carry their documents with them and work more than ten hours a day. This is the reality of many maids in Lebanon, who are brought in by agencies in Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and the Philippines. In Lebanese society it is common to hire household help, but local laws do not protect the status of these women and grant them almost no rights, in contrast with other professions. The film powerfully captures the tension of social differences and the ongoing conflict between the traditional system and efforts to preserve human dignity.

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About the film

Austria, Germany
2021 / 73 min.

Roser Corella

Arabic, Bengali, English, French

Czech, English


Roser Corella

Roser Corella

2021 - Room Without a View
2017 - Grab and Run


24. 3.
17:30 h
Praha: Atlas VS
Roser Corella, director
26. 3.
15:30 h
Praha: Městská knihovna MS

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