Under Tomorrow’s Sky

Under Tomorrow’s Sky

Czech premiere

Under Tomorrow’s Sky

Winy Maas travels the world to teach students and investors about how architecture affects our urban existence. How does this visionary, for whom architecture is a synonym for life, spend his days?

This visually captivating look at the life of a famous architect also opens the door to considering the architecture of the future through the eyes of Rotterdam-based studio MVRDV, whose main aim is to link architecture, landscape planning, technology, ecology and design as the basis for creating a sustainable city. As the population grows, our concept of architecture needs to expand. The film shows the inner workings of a busy firm, how theoretical plans are converted into practice, and heated debates about competition designs. But for Winy Maas architecture is not just a job. He considers it his life’s mission and remains involved in pioneering projects even though their completion may be uncertain.

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About the film

2021 / 75 min.

Jan Louter

Dutch, English

Czech, English


Jan Louter

Jan Louter

2021 - Under Tomorrow's Sky
2017 - Grey Matter
2017 - De wereld van Wubbe
2008 - The Last Days of Shishmaref


28. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Bio Oko
CSL Interpretation
Jan Louter, directore
Winy Maas, protagonist
30. 3.
16:00 h
Praha: Světozor MS
Jan Louter, director

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