Any Given Day

Any Given Day

Czech premiere

A vast number of people live with some type of mental illness. In the USA, many end up in prison due to the inaccessibility of medical and social care. The film portrays three people on the thorny road back to society.

Depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – the film’s protagonists Angela, Daniel and Dimitar have been living with mental illnesses for years. After committing minor offences, all end up in prison. After their release they face an endless circle of dealing with the police, the courts and other authorities. A special probation programme helps them cope with bureaucracy and stand on their own two feet, but they must still deal with depression, suicidal thoughts and the constant pull of drug addiction. Director Margaret Byrne, who herself has a mental illness, sensitively captures their daily battle living on the threshold of metal illness, poverty and addiction.


The protagonists of Any Given Day are, to a certain degree, victims of their past and the environment they grew up in. This affects their mental health, and they are far from alone in their struggles with their inner demons. The film is accompanied by an impact campaign sponsored by the non-profit production company 3 Generations. By contributing to this campaign, you will support the work of organisations that help people with mental illness. Plus the protagonists will get the opportunity to travel with the film and raise awareness among audiences.

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About the film

2021 / 93 min.

Margaret Byrne

Bulgarian, English

Czech, English


Margaret Byrne

Margaret Byrne

2021 - Any Given Day
2016 - Raising Bertie


27. 3.
17:30 h
Praha: Atlas VS
Margaret Byrne, director
31. 3.
17:30 h
Praha: Evald

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