So Foul a Sky

Un Cielo Tan Turbio

Czech premiere

Romantic musicians, petrol smugglers, and soldiers – people abandoned by their own government and left to the mercy of a crushing political and economic crisis – all try to live fulfilled lives beneath the dusky Venezuelan sky.

This gloomy road movie without a clear goal flows between night-time border crossings and hopes of a better life away from a homeland whose crude oil wealth has trickled through the authoritarian regime’s fingers. In a country where money cannot buy food or drugs and which people are leaving by the hundreds of thousands, the radio emits news of the socialist dream, political battle, and lost illusions, as an absurd accompaniment. This visually captivating film builds a typical mosaic of life in Venezuela in the shadow of enormous petroleum refineries and on the path to better tomorrows.


The ambient, dark documentary So Foul a Sky conveys to viewers in a non-leading but all the more authentic way a picture of the situation in which Venezuela finds itself today. Poverty, huge inflation, mass migration – these are among the many problems the country is facing today. Through the Venezuela Relief Fund, mediated by World Vision, you can help stabilise the collapsing health system and improve the overall situation in a country facing a crisis like few others today.

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About the film

Colombia, Spain, UK, Venezuela
2021 / 83 min.

Álvaro F. Pulpeiro


Czech, English


Álvaro F. Pulpeiro

Álvaro F. Pulpeiro

2021 - So Foul a Sky
2017 - Nocturno: Ghosts of the Sea in Port
2015 - Sol Mihi Semper Lucet


25. 3.
15:30 h
Praha: Světozor VS
27. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Bio Oko
Alvaro Fernandez-Pulpeiro, director

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