Our Memory Belongs to Us

Our Memory Belongs to Us

Czech premiere

Almost 10 years after the start of the Arab Spring, 3 Syrian friends meet to jointly undertake a difficult journey into the past. The location is unusual – an empty theatre auditorium in the Parisian suburbs.

In September 2012 Yadan crossed the Jordan-Syria border. He carried only one thing – a disk with thousands of videos from Daraa, shot by himself and other activists. Syrian filmmaker Rami Farah and producer Signe Byrge Sørensen show these excerpts from protests and the subsequent bloody war in Syria on a big screen set on a theatre stage. Yadan, Odai and Rani comment on the videos and reminisce about the events that changed their lives forever. Three men discuss what remains of their dreams and ideals, their collective memory interwoven with purely personal recollections. The result is a unique and very emotional film, which also presents a comprehensive history of the Syrian war.

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About the film

Denmark, France, Palestine
2021 / 90 min.

Rami Farah


Czech, English


Rami Farah

Rami Farah

2021 - Our Memory Belongs to Us
2019 - A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy


26. 3.
15:00 h
Praha: Evald
Jan Daniel, Researcher and Head of the IIR's Centre for the Study of Global Regions
29. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Kino Lucerna VS
Rami Farah, director

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