The Future Calls

The Future Calls category is full of films that embody our current or future visions of worlds in which we may all soon find ourselves. 

The film The Gig Is Up focuses on the invisible human force that drives the wheels of the gig economy and brings billions into the pockets of Amazon or Uber through apps. Meanwhile Searchers examines dating apps, as New Yorkers scroll through profiles during lockdown and discover portraits of people who can bring them eternal love as well as disappointment. Where are we to house the fast-growing global population? In  Under Tomorrow’s Sky, the architect Winy Maas sees a solution in denser cities, not on the ground, but in the skies, via skyscrapers full of greenery and places for community gatherings. 

Is the world plunging into unending wars solely because of men's insatiable desire for power? The playful semi-documentary Two Minutes to Midnight looks at a government made up entirely of women, who are facing a nuclear threat in the midst of disarmament. The film Eternity at Last shifts ideas about the future onto a more tangible level and shows concrete ways to prolong human life. Can you imagine cell rejuvenation, cryogenics or uploading your consciousness to a cloud? What will our lives look like if we obey the calls of the future and fully immerse ourselves in its possibilities? 

Portrét dvou mladých žen. První blondýna, druhá za ní tmavovlasá, obě něco říkají.

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