To Care and Protect

The past two years have been challenging for society. Many of us have learned to work more with our own minds or adopt new habits.

We want to take better care of ourselves and protect our loved ones. This category takes us away from the pandemic as such and seeks to offer a new perspective on our psyche and proper care for it. To a large extent, these are documentaries that follow the protagonists in the most difficult or important moments of their lives.

In Lovebound, we follow a group therapy programme for parents whose children are suffering from severe mental illness. This intimate documentary faithfully describes the difficulty of the situation and the inability to help children if their parents do not acknowledge their own problem. On the contrary, the young protagonist of the film Jason has a deep awareness of his own issues and wants to live without fear and anxiety. This is aided by therapeutic methods that intensively occupy the brain and allow one to uncover past emotions, to identify and process them. In He’s My Brother, on the other hand, we watch a family take care of a son who was born with a complex disability. This sensitive documentary raises an important question: Who will take care of the boy when his parents no longer have the strength? Also helping people is the protagonist of the film Sheroes, an elegant lady who provides expert help and advice to mothers who have recently given birth. Our protagonists provide others with care and protection, each in their own way. And what about you?

Chlapec tmavé pleti sedí u stoluv potemělé místnosti se zataženými žaluziemi. V ruce drží plyšového zajíce a na stole je rubikova kostka. Chlapec se lehce usmívá.

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