Right To Know

As in the past, this competitive section introduces films providing information about severe human rights violations. Through the stories of interesting activists, viewers have the opportunity to learn about the injustices suffered by people in different countries. 

The film Be My Voice introduces Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, who represents all women rebelling against wearing a hijab in public places. Just as distinctive is Maria Eismont, the fearless Russian lawyer who defends unjustly detained anti-government demonstrators in The Case. Politics is also encroaching upon the justice system in Poland, and the documentary Judges Under Pressure tracks the judges who are fighting to preserve the rule of law. 

The section also aims to report on events taking place in more distant parts of the world to which the Czech media does not pay much attention. The Caviar Connection provides powerful information as it reveals the practices of Azerbaijan and other countries that are intensively promoting PR activities abroad, whilst at home they continue to oppress the opposition and journalists. The film Primera gives us a glimpse of the turbulent events in Chile, where the regime has been violently suppressing mass demonstrations during the past few years. 

The selected films also aim to surprise and to introduce new perspectives. This applies to the film The Treasures of Crimea, which takes a unique look at the occupation of Crimea: will a local museum win the unexpectedly tense court battle for artefacts found in Crimea? Or will they go to Kyiv? And whose side will you be on? 

Policejní auto se zamřížovaným oknem. Za oknem ruka.

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