This popular category offers Czech viewers the opportunity to watch exceptional documentaries that have been screened and awarded by major foreign festivals in the past year.

One of the many examples is the time-lapse documentary Gabi, Between Ages 8–13. This sensitively constructed portrait of the search for one's own identity and resistance to gender norms premiered at the CPH:DOX festival in Copenhagen. Staying with the theme of children, we will visit a Catholic boys’ school in Belfast, where the pupils learn critical thinking using the philosophy of the ancient Greeks. The protagonist of Young Plato, who incidentally is a big Elvis fan, helps them with this. The fearless fighters in Luchadoras certainly have their own fan base, too. The film is a hard-hitting documentary from the most dangerous city in Mexico, where a community of female wrestlers is combatting violence against women, both in the ring and in daily life. The protagonist of No Hero at All, whose journey to becoming a top Polish Paralympian is impacted by a distorted family background, is also fighting for his place in the world. And if that’s not enough for you, in the intense film Walk with Angels you can set out on a journey through dark Johannesburg accompanied by a former apartheid fighter who has one goal: to find a lost newborn.

U bílé zdi stojí muž tmavé pleti s rozpřeženýma rukama.

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