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After last year’s showcase of virtual reality projects in the Karlín Barracks, the One World Interactive category is moving to the Municipal Library for this year’s edition. In addition to three films that take viewers to a 360° space in various destinations around the world, it will also offer a solo 3D flight through the nooks and crannies of the human mind and an interactive journey full of 90s games accompanied by the voice of Tilda Swinton. 

The right to choose was taken away from a young woman named Kristen in Texas. In The Choice, you can talk to her about her forced abortion in the intimate atmosphere of gentle animation. See for yourself the healing or destructive effect virtual life and videogames have on Goliath’s mental health in Goliath: Playing With Reality. Take a dizzying ride into the depths of the human body, which is connected to nature by strong threads, with the breathtaking computer animation of the Strands of Mind project. 

In Replacements, see how time has passed for the last 40 years in Jakarta, Indonesia, a city that has been gradually filled with rubbish, skyscrapers and an increasingly radical religious ideology. Noah’s Raft takes children to the local school every day in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria, where schools are inaccessible by land. We will return to Asia, specifically to China’s westernmost province of Xinjiang, in the animated project Reeducated, which portrays the story of three Kazakh prisoners and survivors of "re-education" camps.

Virtual reality projects are in English or without dialogue (specified for each project).



Černobílá malba vnitřku vězeňské cely, obraz se na okrajích rozpíjí do černa.

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