Czech Competition

This year, the Czech Competition category is devoted to films that explore the theme of family relationships and, taking into account the parliamentary elections held last autumn, also politics seen through the eyes of young people. 

The films Leaving Beginnings Behind and René – The Prisoner of Freedom are continuations of major longitudinal documentaries, which are returning to One World after a gap of several years. The first investigates how institutional care affects the lives of three young women – Adéla, Denisa, and Pavla – who do not always find it easy to find happiness in their work or relationships. The second tracks the former repeat criminal offender René who, on the path to freedom, reflects on his dramatic past and is now looking for peace and reconciliation.

Another documentary covering a longer time period is Out in Force, which follows renowned Czech film critic Kamil Fila, his personal transformation, masculinity, and failures in relationships. Every Single Minute presents a controversial child-rearing method whose singular aim is to raise a top-level athlete. In How I Became a Partisan, a quest to find family roots and information about Roma involvement in the World War II resistance movement leads us to present-day European racism. War Veterans casts light on the overlooked topic of former soldiers and what their life is like in today’s Czech Republic. 

Two new documentaries – First-Time Voters 2021 and The Candidates – look into the lives of those who are preparing to cast a ballot for the first time as well as those who are already politically active and want to shape the way our country works. Points for the President uses the most recent direct presidential election as a starting point to a multi-layered report about the state of Czech society and its development after the Velvet Revolution.

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