One World – This year, just one

Regional screenings have long been an integral part of the One World festival. These allow audiences to attend the festival outside of Prague in towns through Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. Thanks to its online format, this year’s festival will be accessible to viewers throughout the entire Czech Republic. For the first time in its history, audiences in Polička, Brno, and Pardubice – i.e., anywhere, from the safety and comfort of their home – will have the exact same range of films to choose from. But the movies are just one part of our program: Audiences will also have the unique opportunity to discuss important social issues through online streaming events, which will be joined by selected regional cities. Depending on the current situation, regional festival audiences can also look forward to outdoor screenings, held in line with all government orders and hygienic measures.  

One World for all

Over the past several years, it has become a given that the festival will be accessible to viewers with various disabilities. Even this year, with the festival held online, we continue our work towards making the festival accessible for everybody. “This year’s edition is a great challenge for us, because the things we know and are familiar with from making cinemas accessible cannot all be simply transferred to the online world. Even so, we hope that we will be able to make the festival accessible to as broad a spectrum of people as possible,” says the festival’s accessibility coordinator Mariana Chytilová. Selected films in the festival’s filmotheque will have subtitles for hearing-impaired viewers and some films will also offer audio descriptions. If outdoor screenings are permitted, the festival will endeavour to make them maximally accessible in these areas, so that the screenings will not differ from those at indoor cinemas. 

We also screen for schools

Since schools can’t visit the movies, our team has decided to bring One World to the classroom – or at least into online instruction. The festival’s films will be available on the One World in Schools website (JSNS.CZ) along with informational materials and interesting activities for working with them in the classroom. “For younger pupils, we have three short dubbed films about kids their age who are dealing with issues such as being isolated from their classmates, school inclusion, or how to prevent food waste. For older students, we have chosen Where Were You, an animated film about the serious issue of domestic violence, and two films from the festival program – A Marriage and We Are Russia. We have also included last year’s successful film China’s Artful Dissident, which many people have not had a chance to see,” says Linda Šilinerová, program coordinator for One World’s school screenings. For secondary school students, all the films also include the possibility to engage in online discussion with the filmmakers, the films’ subjects, or interesting experts on the particular topic. 

One World – This year, just one.

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