Films A-Z

Two very elderly women are talking to each other at an abundantly set table.


The joy of another day and an age in treble figures. The protagonists of this story are united by the knowledge that each stage of life has its own beauty.

A woman with her curly blond hair tied back in a ponytail, stands in profile next to a wall covered with conspicuous graffiti.

A Loss of Something Ever Felt

A tangled odyssey takes young Estonian Eeva to the slums of Bogota, Colombia, where the girl searches for her missing, estranged brother. At the same time, she is worried about the condition in which she will find him.

A married couple are at a crossroads in a forest. The darker-skinned Tabish is standing and smiling. His blonde wife Zdenka is sitting in a wheelchair in front of him. She is tilting her head back so she can look into her husband’s eyes and she is laughing. Both are happy.

A Marriage

A longitudinal documentary tracking Zdenka and her Pakistani partner Tabish, who met playing the computer game Farmville and for 5 years lived their relationship chiefly online.

A close-up of a miner’s face. His entire face is black from coal dust. He’s wearing a yellow helmet and smiling. His white teeth are in sharp contrast to his dark face.

A New Shift

“From miner to programmer” reads a tempting headline, but does this idea have a chance of success? After 25 years underground, a laid-off worker seeks a new way of life.

The photo shows a large group of people, many of them wearing hats or balaclavas. Most of them are bent over as they dig holes.

A Portrait On The Search For Happiness

A pictorial poem about seekers of precious stones from the South African west coast and how their obsession leaves irreversible scars on the landscape.

The reflection in a car rear-view mirror shows a woman wearing glasses and holding a phone next to her ear. She has a worried expression. The space surrounding the mirror is blurry. Based on the lights, the setting is either an underground garage or a tunnel.

A Thousand Cuts

Philippine President Duterte leads an unconditional war against drugs as well as against his opponents, chiefly the independent press. The chief target is the Rappler news server and its unyielding director Maria Ressa.

A young fair-haired woman, her hair in dreads, is smiling. She is sitting in an opulent, so-far empty, theatre auditorium brightly illuminated by a large chandelier.

A Year Full Of Drama

How can art enrich human lives? An unusual ad offers a job as a fulltime theatregoer for a period of one year, but only those with no previous cultural experience may apply.

The head of a snake rises in front of the blurred face of an indigenous man with long dark hair. The man has the snake wound around his wrist.

Amazonian Cosmos

Jaider, a Macuxi man from the Amazon, leaves the jungle and sets out on a journey to try and pass on his people’s warning to ordinary people and the world’s religious leaders.

A smiling young man with curly hair holds an as-yet undeveloped polaroid photo in his hand waiting for the image to emerge. A group of people are talking in the background.

An Impossible Project

In today's digital age reviving instant photography, made famous by Polaroid, may seem not only crazy but downright impossible. Nonetheless, this is exactly what the eccentric analogue lover Florian Kaps, known as Doc, tries to do.

An older woman wearing a turtleneck decorated with lace at the top is sitting at a table, She is holding a cigarette and there is a glass of coffee in front of her. She is looking ahead with a fixed expression on her face.


Helena Třeštíková’s new longitudinal documentary captures 16 years in the life of Anna, who, at the age of 46, starts to earn extra money as a streetwalker.

A woman stands in front of a high wall consisting of dozens of rectangular memorial plaques, each of a different type and with a different inscription. A hilly landscape rises above the wall.


A Swedish mining company transported toxic waste to the Chilean city of Arica in the mid-1980s. The locals still suffer from health problems. All they want is justice.

A small boy with short blond hair thoughtfully looks toward the front. He is wearing a singlet and there are blurry lights visible in the distance behind him.

Beautiful Something Left Behind

A documentary presenting the stories of children trying to cope with the loss of their parents through the community meetings organised by Good Grief.

A young woman’s face is covered with painted designs. She is smiling. A man’s hand is holding a brush and painting on her.

Because Of My Body

Intimacy as a way of learning. Claudia’s physical disability complicates her social and sexual life. Guided by a sexual assistant, she begins to freely discover the way to her own body.

A woman is standing with arms folded next to a round mirror. She is wearing a t-shirt that says “FUN”. She has a thoughtful expression. In the mirror we see the reflection of a bald man’s head. He is wearing a striped t-shirt and looking towards the woman.

Bitter Love

A group of elderly passengers embark on a Volga River cruise hoping to come to terms with the past and find their happiness and place in the world.

A black boy with dark hair and wearing a sweatshirt is holding a book and concentrating on reading. Behind him we see the phrase “Double Consciousness” handwritten on a white background.

Black Boys

How do black children, adolescents and men grow up and live in the United States? This polyphonic statement "from within" touches the boundaries of racial prejudice and provides an understandable context for the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is sunset. Two boys are kicking a ball around on a dusty road.  

Captains Of Zaatari

Two promising young footballers from Syrian refugee families want to turn professional and take part in the World Cup.

An abstract graphic image. In the forefront there is a black altar. There are several blue and purple stone fragments floating around it. The walls in the background are of light-coloured marble. The entire image is kaleidoscopically deformed.


This experimental VR film uses feelings of anxiety, meditative metaphysical states, hallucinations and abstractions to open up a new perspective on social care for the elderly in the UK.

View from the perspective of a computer algorithm. We see a black woman with a noticeable afro and large round earrings holding up a white mask to cover her face. There are several connected points on the white mask outlining the basic contours of the scanned face. In the corner we see the message “Face detected.”

Coded Bias

Joy is an African American computer expert. When a facial recognition program ignores her face, Joy decides to test its biases. She dons a white mask – and the program suddenly works.

We see a closed wooden door installed in the middle of a light-coloured wall. Next to it is a curved series of pictures of rural buildings and a small piece of furniture.

Comfort Zone

One day, Timo decided to lock himself in his room and never leave. He and his mother thus find themselves in a pathological relationship from which no way out can be found.

A Functionalist housing estate with a tilted view of the façade of one of the paint-peeled buildings. It looks as if an image of a smiling blonde woman is being projected onto it. There are more people in the background of the projected image.

Common Ground

A VR tour of a historically important housing estate for the socially disadvantaged in South London. The site is undergoing huge renovation, causing changes for the thousands of residents still living there.

A solitary woman dressed in white is holding the traditional Belarusian flag – a single red stripe between two white ones. Both the flag and the woman’s hair are fluttering in the wind. There are military units – armed men dressed in black – standing in the background.


For 14 years, the Belarusian Free Theatre has bravely criticised Lukashenko's authoritarian regime in its performances. But at a time when the country is at a crossroads, the functioning of the theatre is more endangered than ever before.

A young man wearing a skin-tight t-shirt and leggings is performing an impressive dance jump in the middle of a city street.

Cuban Dancer

Alexis dreams of becoming the best Cuban dancer, but before he can dance through the National Ballet School in Havana, life brings him an unexpected change: his parents decide to leave Cuba.

An older man wearing a polo shirt and baseball cap stands with hands on hips on a mown lawn. He has an obstinate look on his face. A set of golf clubs stands at the ready to his left, and behind him there is a body of water.

Dad's Leaving

The portrait of Jacques, the 70-year-old father of documentary filmmaker Pauline Horovitz, proves that dreams can come true at any age. After retirement, a respected doctor will leave his comfort zone and, for example, become an actor in a Chinese blockbuster.

The faces of the three boys portrayed in the photo are tense with concentration. They are upside down as all three are performing a handstand.

Dare to Do Whatever

Stories of Danish high school students whose creativity and individuality are valued more than knowledge, and who sit on gym mats instead of classroom benches.

A young woman with short hair and wearing a one-piece swimsuit, looks out towards the viewer. She is holding a dark swim fin in her hand. Behind her, there are icebergs floating on the water.


Cold-resistance training is beneficial for both body and soul. Dutch diver Kiki knows this to be true, as ice freediving freed her from past trauma and guided her to more conscious experiences.

A dark-haired man wearing sunglasses is sitting on a luxuriously designed, glazed balcony. In the background we see another section of the modern building.


A visual poem that captures the atmosphere of empty, pandemic-stricken central London. Balconies have turned into shop windows for social interactions, and private life is becoming a public affair.

A two-way staircase is divided in half by a rail. On the right, an older, short-haired man is sitting on the third step down. A second person, whose head is not seen in the shot, waits for him at the top of the stairs.

Elevator Pitch

In New York, hundreds of thousands of people live in wheelchairs and many others with reduced mobility. But public transport, especially the subway, remains woefully inaccessible to them.

A family stands in front of an untraditional small house in a rural setting: a boy, a man, a girl, a woman, and a little girl. Four of them are holding carrots. There is a dog next to the man, and it is holding a carrot in its mouth. All of them are smiling.

First We Eat

Suzanne Crocker’s film presents the experiment undertaken by her and her five-member family who live on Canada’s outer edge. Is it possible to survive for a full year in a sub-arctic town using only local foodstuffs?

A woman wearing a turtleneck and with her hair smoothed back gazes out of a barred window. She is holding one of the bars with her left hand.

Fly So Far

Teodora Vásquez was accused and subsequently sent to prison for homicide after suffering an obstetric emergency. The years behind bars did not break her. On the contrary, they inspired her to fight for the rights of other unjustly punished women in El Salvador.

A balding man with a cigarette in his mouth is standing in the right hand side doorway of a garage with two doors. He is wearing a striped t-shirt that is tight across his belly, and a camouflage pattern waistcoat. One of his feet is resting on the threshold. He looks grumpy. The number “1165” is written on the left garage door.

Garage People

How do Russians spend weekends? You start with a garage, then all you need is imagination, which knows no bounds even beyond the Arctic Circle.

An elderly black African woman sits in the forefront, looking into the camera. Behind her, children are sitting at school desks.  


Priscille is 94 years old. She has three children, 22 grandchildren and 54 great-grandchildren. And four years ago, she started elementary school to finally learn to read and write.

A small child is sitting in a hooded jacket with its back to the camera. There are two short-haired women kneeling facing the child, both smiling from ear to ear.

Her Mothers

The decision to start a family is not easy. In Orban’s Hungary, where the rights of sexual minorities are systematically oppressed, it’s even harder, but that is what lesbian couple Nóra and Virág are trying to do.

A person is standing at the window in a basic housing unit and looking out. They are not fully visible as they are behind the curtain. The room contains nothing other than an old television set and some bedding on the floor, in which the flat’s other occupant is bundled.

Housing Against Everyone

How is it possible to deal with people who are unable to secure their own housing? Czech politicians take opposing positions, and their conflict emerges in all its intensity.

A young girl, photographed in profile, is sitting in an empty hospital room. She is extremely thin with expressive eyes and her hair in a plait.

Hunger Ward

The conflict in Yemen has contributed to one of the worst humanitarian crises of our times. The documentary gives a voice to those who are often drowned out in the world media by bombings and political speeches.

Two people, seen from somewhat afar, are walking through a gorge.

Chaddr - A River between Us

There are still places on our planet that are almost completely cut off from civilisation. With the advent of global climate change, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the people in these places to live a normal life.

A pregnant woman with long braids who is barefoot and wearing a long patterned dress is swinging on a swing suspended from a tree. She leans back luxuriously as she swings forward. The surrounding landscape is rocky with several trees.

Childbirth Banned In Paradise

Hundreds of tourists flock to Fernando de Noronha Island daily. At the airport they pass crying pregnant women, who must temporarily leave this paradise. Since 2004, the Brazilian government has ordered them to give birth only on the mainland.

A neon-coloured blurry photo showing the face of a young woman in the forefront. She is on the street and there is a man on a motorcycle behind her. She is wearing yellow swimming goggles and a surgical mask.

I Am Gen Z

Anxiety and depression. Loss of privacy. Sleep or eating disorders. These are just some problems linked to mobile phone addiction. Members of the Z generation seem to be the most affected by them.

A small boy is gazing fixedly into the camera. He has a gloomy expression.

Imad's Childhood

Five-year-old Imad from Iraq has spent half his life as a captive of the so-called Islamic State. Returning to his family and normal life is difficult for him and for those around him.

About 20 faces are staring at the camera. They are Asians, they were surgical masks over their mouths and noses. They stand close together in rows, men and women mixed. Each of them holds a bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper in their left hand and a Chinese flag in their right. Some wave the flag, most look very serious.

In the Same Breath

In terms of the coronavirus crisis, 2020 unfolded in surprisingly similar ways in China and the USA - in summary, in a tragic underestimation of the situation and in lying to their own citizens. Who is responsible?

A large, heavily-muscled man, stripped to the waist, is sitting outside on an exercise machine. There are big barbells attached to the equipment by a large-linked chain both in front of and behind him.


A tyre instead of a punch bag, the wheel of an armoured vehicle instead of a weight. The Kachalka outdoor gym, built out of scrap metal in Soviet times, still attracts visitors as a mecca for Kyiv sports.

A man is carrying a burning tyre attached to a long pole he holds above his head.

Kofi and Lartey

There is a huge waste dump for electronic waste in Ghana’s capital. The locals, including children, make their living here in inhumane conditions.

The scene is dominated by high-voltage power lines consisting of several tall pylon and many wires. An industrial building stands in the background, and thick white smoke rises out of its chimneys. The silhouette of a flying bird is visible above the wires.


A magnificently filmed, yet extremely intimate look into the daily lives of several friends living in the immediate vicinity of one of Russia's largest ironworks.

A man and a woman swim in the sea. The setting sun is shining brightly into their eyes.


Puerto Rico has been ravaged by Hurricane Maria and political corruption. A local community tries to revive its country, but the situation is thwarted by both the government and some bizarre traders in human misfortune.

A garden party. Two young women are sitting at a round, cloth- covered table. Both of them have a cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. There is a group of people gathered in the background. Everyone is wearing party clothes.

Last Days of Summer

A look at the everydayness and sexual life of a group of young Warsaw natives who entered adulthood without firm ground beneath their feet.

An older woman with a headscarf and wearing a flowered blouse is shown in profile as she looks ahead. Behind her there is a triple-pane window, and in front of her, to her right, a section of railing.

Last Chance for Justice

Ten years ago, a wave of unrest and violence against the Uzbek minority swept through Kyrgyzstan. A divided society continues to bear the consequences.

A young girl with a concentrated look on her face is standing and getting ready to lift the large barbell she is holding in her hands above her head. The sun is shining in through the window behind her. There are several spectators sitting in the lower rows of the half-empty stands.


Several young girls meet every evening in a small backyard next to a busy street. Their dream is to become professional weightlifters. A film about adolescence and sporting ambitions in the middle of socially conservative Egypt.

A middle-aged brunette woman is sitting on a sofa and a young woman with short dyed blonde hair is lying in her embrace. Both look contented.

Long Live Love

Finding your bearings in the chaos of life can be a real struggle. Rosemarie is battling not only with adolescence, but also with recurrent cancer. The momentum of her world is a constant stop-and-go.

An atypical, very modern building standing on flat terrain. The building’s roof slopes down towards the ground and is planted with grass and trees. Everything is very well maintained. Grass edges the pavements, and people are walking on it

Making A Mountain

A mountain has been rising in flat Copenhagen since 2019. Climbers climb it, skiers ski on it, and smoke billows from the chimneys. Mount Amager is a futuristic waste incinerator.

A man sits in a cage with two young tigers. He is turned towards the female tiger, who is in the middle, and is speaking to her. She is looking into the camera. The second tiger, seen in profile, looks on amiably.


This thrilling film full of unexpected twists tells the story of the famous Iranian tigress Maya, and is a masterful presentation of our relationship with wild animals and the natural world around us.

A headshot of a man dressed as a woman – a drag queen – who has expressive make-up and is wearing a curly wig. He has a serious, dreamy expression and is most probably in the middle of a performance.


“Mothers often raise their children so that they can fulfil their dreams through them. Maman lives her dream with her children.” This credo of the “matriarch” of a group of drag queens is just the start of an intimate dialogue.

One woman is embracing another. Both are wearing headscarves.


Moroccan women who become pregnant out of wedlock are subject to social condemnation. In a desperate situation they find a helping hand in an organisation that supports single mothers.

A girl of about twelve is smiling into the camera. She has a red ribbon with white polka dots in her hair. The short sleeves of her dress are made of the same material. Her right hand is theatrically raised. In her left, she holds a posing dog.

My Family is a Circus

Romy is a sweet 10-year-old girl and her classmates love her. However, they have to say goodbye to her for six months. Their friend is from a circus family – and they’re about to change venue.

A computer-generated image of a white face emerges from a dark background. It consists of vertical and horizontal lines that form eyes, nose and mouth.

New Gods

A computer algorithm tells the story of a young man who has never had a love relationship and who is preparing to transform his frustration into a bloody catharsis. The algorithm’s task is to find him and to remove hate-filled videos from the digital world.

The close-up photo shows the faces of a man and a small child, both with their eyes closed, lovingly pressed together. The child has very curly hair. There is a glowing monitor screen or tablet in the background.

Not Going Quietly

The doctors told Ady Barkan he has four years to live. He therefore decided to live them in such a way that his son will be proud of him one day and has dedicated himself to a campaign to change healthcare in the USA.

An older man wearing a baseball cap is sitting on a bed and looking at the tape recorder he holds in his hands. He is inside a wooden building. There is a mosquito net draped by the bed and piles of paper on shelves.

Nothing but the Sun

Mateo was born into the Ayoreo people in the Paraguayan primeval forest. As he ages, he feels the need to preserve the unique heritage of his people and pass it on to future generations.

Four young girls are sleeping in four beds in a room. A nun is standing in the doorway watching them. Her figure is backlit by the ceiling light in the room behind her.    

Nun of Your Business

In a world bound by the rules of the Croatian Catholic Church, two nuns fall in love. The intimate story of Marita and Fani reveals abuses within the church, distorted ideals, and the difficult journey towards understanding, love and one's true self.

Dozens of people grouped in several precise square formations are standing on a grassy green field. They are wearing white t-shirts and blue shorts. They are Sokols ready to exercise.

On Your Marks!

“One is nothing, unity is everything,” says the anthem of Sokol, a movement that gathers thousands of people every 6 years in Prague to create an impressive mass performance. A human comedy about the society we live in today.

The Dead Sea has dried up. Several objects are growing out of the cracked earth. They are armless sculptures with grooved torsos, their heads tilted to look up towards the heavens.

Once Upon a Sea

This poetic interactive VR film about the drying-up Dead Sea is narrated by 3 different characters who have a very close and personal relationship to the sea and its surroundings.

The film’s protagonist Karel – a middle aged-man with chubby cheeks and wearing a baseball cap – is looking into the distance. Behind him we see a colourful, somewhat kitschy, sculpture of Christ on the cross, with a statue of the Virgin Mary on the left and another saint on the right.

Once Upon a Time in Poland

In this existential road comedy a Czech film crew travels to Poland to learn about the local faith in God. The successful characteristic style of the Klusák-Remunda filmmaking duo is obvious.

A woman with a proud expression is sitting in a room surrounded by portraits of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. She is holding a figurine of him in her hands.

Once Upon a Time in Venezuela

The formerly prosperous community of a village on Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has suffered a dramatic decline in recent years due to environmental and economic threats.

We see the silhouette of a male figure walking forwards along a railing that recedes into the distance. On the left, the sun reflects off a water surface. On the right, there is a pavement and several trees.

One More Jump

In a Palestine gripped by the constant threat of war, Jehad and Abdallah seek freedom of movement. For them, parkour becomes a liberation and a daily shared joy, but ultimately also a curse.

A woman in a short-sleeved shirt stands in the foreground gazing with hope into the distance. She is holding a photo of a man who is wearing a suit and has an unreadable expression on his face. The backdrop is formed by woven fabric with a distinctive Oriental pattern.

Only Devil Lives without Hope

Human rights activist Dilya tirelessly battles for the release of her brother Iskandar. Sixteen years ago, he was thrown in Uzbekistan's Jaslyk Prison, notorious for torturing prisoners.

A slightly abstract cartoon-style drawing with a light background shows an old woman lying in bed. There are other items drawn in the same style around her – a flowerpot, a framed photograph, and a television remote control.


The film captures the reality of everyday life in a home for the elderly through the animation of fleeting gestures, everyday things and fragments of overheard conversations.

There is a woman sitting on the left looking at a mobile. Her face is not visible. A woman is kneeling facing her on the right. She is holding the mobile.

Phone Line 137

In Argentina, one woman is murdered every 30 hours and thousands more face sexual violence and other shocking brutality behind the walls of their own homes. For many of them, their salvation is telephone line 137 – the only line that helps victims of domestic violence in crisis situations.

An older woman wearing blue coveralls and a headset stands next to an old-fashioned telephone switch board. She is reaching towards the number dial.

Please Hold The Line

A telecommunications study from rural Eastern Europe, where digitalisation, globalisation and even a simple phone line encounter limitations dictated by atypical conditions.

A man wearing a traditional African shirt stands with raised arms in the foreground. Behind him are some of his followers wearing dark glasses and shirts with election campaign slogans. In the background there are crowds of other people. 


The end of Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship brought Zimbabwe hope for change. Only the election of a new president will show if the country can leave behind its totalitarian past and embark on the path of true democracy.

A young boy of about twelve is looking ahead. He is wearing headphones, which are quite conspicuous in contrast to his smaller head. There is a large radio microphone in front of him.

Radio Felix

Passionate commentator Felix prepares his own radio reports, in which he links his inner world to the external one.

An older man carries a large cross on his shoulder in the foreground. In the background, we see three other men wearing suits, a car, and a forested mountain landscape.


In a case of murder, Albanian tradition obliged the victim’s family to either publicly forgive the perpetrator or take their revenge. Needless to say, such a choice has a massive impact on the whole society.

A group of seven randomly positioned children, dressed as Native Americans and wearing white masks, are playing with wooden sticks in a white room.

Return to Epipo

The Epipo summer camp in Hungary left deep scars in children's souls. Many years later, one of the participants reveals the disturbing truth about what she and the other children experienced at the time.

A man with a receding hairline, moustache and a chiselled profile is in the forefront and anxiously looks to the right. Behind him we see a dry, sandy horizon with tents and figures wearing black burkas.


A whole city of Yazidi residents was left at the mercy of ISIS. The men's wives ended up in slavery. A handful of ordinary men set out to save them. But while it may seem like something out of an adventure novel, this story is a reality.

A woman dressed in black sits cross-legged on the floor in a white room. Her hands are folded in her lap and she is gazing ahead with a worried look on her face. There is a round spherical object made of bars in the back, and on the left there are radiators below large grated windows.

Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution and Islam

The story of an enlightened Muslim imam, feminist and human rights activist who seeks to free Islam from gender discrimination and open it to those for whom it has long been closed off.

Seven young people, one of them the film’s protagonist, are standing in two rows. They are holding up the Tunisian flag in front of them. They all look happy. They are laughing and either singing or shouting out something .

She Had a Dream

A young Tunisian activist and future lawyer facing discrimination and racism in her country is determined to strive for social change through her active participation in politics.

A man sits huddled on a bed, his legs stretched out in front. The bed is next to a door leading out onto a terrace. We can see out, but the room is quite dim. There is a jacket hanging on a hanger on the door knob.

Silent Voice

Young Khavaj fled the torture and death threats he experienced in Chechnya because of his sexual orientation. He is now trying to find not only himself, but also his voice in Belgium, after his trauma rendered him mute.

An older man and women wearing old-fashioned clothes are sitting next to each other on a sofa in a cosy living room. There is a decorative picture to the left of the woman, and several pictures are hanging on the wall above them.

Songs of Repression

"I still have nightmares about a man standing in the middle of a circle, everyone shouting at him, and then him being beaten terribly," recalls a resident of the German village of Villa Baviera in Chile. The former colony of Dignidad was one of the most brutal sects in history.

The photo is dominated by the colossal Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig, which reminds one of a grandiose grave. A group of people is standing in front of it waving the flags of the nations which once fell under Soviet influence, including the Czech flag.

Soviet man

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, it was home to nearly 300 million people – “Soviet people”. Was it just a propaganda myth, or did “homo sovieticus” really exist? Is it now a thing of the past?

An elderly man and woman are embracing in bed.

Still into you

Six Finnish stories about love, old age, intimacy, devotion, abandonment, hope and karaoke.

A white man standing on the left with camera equipment is filming a black man who is standing in the middle of a marketplace. The black man is wearing a t-shirt with USA in big letters and some sort of caricature drawing on it.

Stop Filming Us

A Dutch filmmaker wanted to capture what the real Congo looks like on camera. He made a film exploring what African stereotypes the locals struggle with most often.

The photo shows the open sea. In the centre of the shot and seen from a distance there is a barge carrying a big leafy tree. 

Taming the Garden

The roots of centuries-old Georgian trees go deep. But not deep enough to avoid being excavated and transported to the private garden of a former prime minister.

A group of middle-aged women are facing forward and looking into the camera. The one in the middle has distinctive spectacles and is talking towards the camera.	She is gesticulating with one uplifted hand.

The Foundation Pit

An eloquent compilation of online videos, which in Russia, a country that restricts freedom of speech and applies censorship, have become the voice of the overlooked and reveal the scope of unresolved social, health, infrastructure and human rights problems that Russian citizens face daily.

A hard-to-identify figure dressed in sack-like clothing with a hood stands in a narrow alleyway filled with rubbish. They have a sack filled with more rubbish slung over one shoulder. There is a container with wide open doors in the background.

The Fourth Kingdom, The kingdom of plastics

A film that takes viewers to a community garden shows what life is like on the fringes of society in downtown New York. In a flood of colourful garbage, cans and beer bottles, quirky New Yorkers go in search of their American dream.

Three large elephants are standing in a meadow, each with a rider on its back. In the front, there is a woman standing to the left of the middle elephant petting its trunk, and there is a man with long blond hair and wearing a white suit standing between the middle elephant and the one furthest right.

The Hero's Journey to the Third Pole

Icelandic musician and former member of the GusGus band Högni Egilsson and film producer Anna T. Edwards both have bipolar syndrome. During a non-traditional concert tour in Nepal, they try to raise awareness about the importance of mental health.

A press conference. A bearded bald man stands in the front. He is Czeslaw Walek, the leader of the We Are Fair coalition. He is wearing a suit and there are several microphones in front of him. There are a number of other people – politicians – standing next to him and behind him.

The Law of Love

Talking about equality is one thing, respecting and defending it is another. The journey to the legalisation of equal marriage for all people in Czechia isn’t over yet.

A man in a Spiderman costume pushes a tricycle carrying textile banners with Chinese writing.

The Man Who Was Looking For His Son

Every year, a huge number of children disappear without a trace in China, and desperate parents search for them tirelessly. The abduction of toddlers and their sale to childless couples has been an unaddressed social problem for decades.

A bald man with a serious expression looks out of a bus window. It is dark outside and we see his reflection in the glass.

The Mole

Unconventional Danish director Mads Brügger has yet again shifted the boundaries of his original work. This time he set a trap – and caught the dictatorial North Korean regime.

An elderly man in a suit and wearing glasses sits at a desk. He is smiling as he reads  an open notebook using a magnifying glass. There is a middle-aged man standing to his left, who is leaning over him and expressively gesticulating with his hands.

The Mole Agent

A strange newspaper ad offers work to interested parties aged 80 to 90. Although laconically phrased, it seems to be a spy mission. Destination: retirement home. Discretion required!

In the forefront we see a person wearing a protective suit and helmet dragging a piece of white canvas attached to a pole over the grass. There are rows of flagpoles with many flags along the sides and an imposing building in the back.

The Red Ring

Through his own experience with a serious, life-threatening and mysterious disease, Joonas Berghäll reveals the hardships experienced by people with chronic Lyme disease.

In the black and white photo we see a group of people standing on a rocky outcrop in the distance. Behind them there are two burning objects emitting black clouds of smoke. The people are standing or sitting, and some are climbing down the rock face.

This Rain Will Never Stop

Andrey and his family left war-torn Syria and settled in Ukraine, where they found themselves at the centre of another conflict.

Facing the camera, a man is stting in an armchair, leggs crossed, reading a book. On both sides next to him, there are large, wall-to-wall bookshelfs, full of books. Behind the chair is a window.

Uncertain freedom: the story of A.

How can one return to society when one is seventy, after spending half a century in prison ? Bank robber Alberto Maron wants to try.

Four older women are standing side by side in a row. One of them is talking. She is holding the framed photograph of a man in her hand.

Under the Same Sun

Nagorno-Karabakh is of great symbolic importance to both Armenians and Azerbaijanis. The countries are waging a long-running dispute over this area, which is continually escalating into military clashes.

In the forefront a woman is giving birth in a delivery room. A nurse is standing between her legs, leaning over and probably holding the baby that is being born. A man stands by the woman’s head, impatiently looking towards the birth assistant’s hands.     


Childbirth is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life, but a doctor’s inappropriate approach can easily turn it into a traumatising event that leaves scars on body and soul.

On the right, a young woman with her back to a building. She is holding a paper sign with something written in Cyrillic. On the left there are two policemen facing her, and one of them is talking to her from close to. All of them are wet from the rain.

We are Russia

Milena and Kolya take part in the largest anti-Putin protests in Russia's recent history. After many years, they have a chance to publicly support a promising opposition candidate – Alexei Navalny.

A middle-aged man, extravagantly dressed with an exotic patterned cape covering his head, steps out of a dark background into an area illuminated with spotlights.

We Intend to Cause Havoc

The 1970s in Zambia were interwoven with intoxicating moments of independence and the psychedelic musical ride of the rock band WITCH. The documentary is a search for its roots and a probe into the secrets of the local music community.

A hand-drawn picture. We are in a tent, and its entry flap is opening. There is a musical box in the shape of a house in the centre of the picture. It is standing on a wooden base into which the winding key is inserted.

We Live Here

Getting to know the homeless and their life stories has generally seemed socially difficult and unpleasant. That’s not the case with this interactive VR project, which plays out in the tent of Rockey, a homeless American woman.

A crowd of young people are marching down a city street. Most of them are chanting slogans and holding up signs. The largest of these, a banner reading “OUR FUTURE”, is carried by several people at the forefront.

What About Our Future?

This short documentary presents a group of teenagers from Vancouver, Canada, who are not indifferent to the future of the planet. They have set up a group to draw attention to the dangers of climate change.

A hand-drawn picture. It shows three standing young women, portrayed from the waist up, who are emotionally looking towards the front. Their arms are folded across their chests. Both their skin colour and clothes are yellowish-blue. The background is reddish and decorated with several abstract ribbon-like patterns.

Where Were You?

Domestic violence often remains hidden behind closed doors. Not even those nearest know what happens behind them. Three strong women decide to break through the barrier and talk about their experiences.

A man and woman are sitting at a bar. Behind them we see a beer tap, bottles of alcohol on shelves, two puppets and a neon sign reading “Open”. The woman has long, soft blonde hair and is wearing a tight off-the-shoulder dress ending above her knees. It seems as if she is ignoring the man. The man is older and has slicked back hair. He is wearing a checked suit and glasses. He is looking towards the woman and has a lifted index finger.

White Noise

A unique look behind the scenes of a far-right, nationalist influencer cell in the USA. Never before have filmmakers been able to get so close, right to the core of a setting from which hatred and fear are planted on social media.

A small wooden cabin built in Scandinavian style stands in the middle of a snow-covered landscape. The light is on in one room. Through the lit window we see a woman – the director of the film – looking down at the table in front of her.

White on White

Slovak director Viera Čákanyová made her Antarctic video diary while shooting her award-winning film FREM. This powerful confession presents both environmental themes and some of her doubts about her actions.

A young man with longish blonde hair is holding his hands cupped in front of his mouth to form an imaginary snout. His eyes are closed. It’s obvious that he is imitating a wolf’s howl.

Wolves at the Borders

Who was here first: wolf or human? The documentary follows the return of wolves to Czech forests and shows our conflicted relationship with nature through the story of a dispute between residents in a small village in the Broumov region.

A man is taking photos of a logged forest.


Illegal logging is taking place in remote regions around the world, which contain the most forests and wildlife. It destroys biodiversity and has serious social consequences.

In the forefront we see a woman wearing traditional Indian attire. She is filming or taking a photo with her mobile phone. Next to her is a man with professional camera equipment. There are many other men surrounding them. All of them are looking at something to the right.

Writing With Fire

To make a revolution in the Indian caste system is challenging for them, but they are succeeding very well at digital revolution. The women's editorial board, made up of members of the lowest caste and led by reporter Meera, has been fighting for human rights in India for 14 years.