How can I purchase a film from the One World Festival?
You can purchase films on the https://www.oneworldonline.cz/ website. Each film is purchased separately. After clicking on a film to view the details, click on the button “Buy for xxx Kč”. You can buy films only after you register on the website.

Can I view films from abroad?
The films are accessible for viewing only in the Czech Republic.

Can I watch a purchased film at any time?
After you purchase a film, you can watch it at any time during the next 48 hours. However, if you buy a film that is a part of the One World Live programme (live streaming of films and the following discussions, which we are broadcasting from 10 to 19 May), then you will be able to watch it only during the screening time that is specified next to the film title (for example, 12 May 2 pm | White Noise => the film White Noise and the following discussion will be broadcasted live on 12 May at 2 pm). The broadcast of this film will no longer be accessible after that time.

What is the difference between One World Live and One World Online?
One World Live
is a programme consisting of the live broadcast of films and discussions from studios in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, Hradec Králové and Ostrava. It runs from 10 to 19 May, and you can access the full programme at One World website.
One World Online is a platform where you can watch documentaries screened at One World during the past ten years of the festival. Starting on 20 May and until 6 June, One World Online will also offer for purchase all of the more than 100 films from this year’s programme. Discussions and other accompanying materials are also accessible with the films.

Is the number of viewers who can watch a streaming broadcast limited?
The number of viewers for live screenings is not limited. However, starting on 20 May the maximum number of viewers will be limited for selected films. This number will be clearly shown for these films.

May I ask questions during the discussions?
You may, and we will be happy if you do. The films and themes are intended to initiate a discussion. You can write your questions using the Slido application during the discussion. You can access Slido via the slido.com link. Write jedensvet in the upper blue field, then write your question and our coordinator will pass it on to the moderator. Additionally, there will be a QR code shown on the screen at regular intervals, and the application will be displayed after the QR code is read. If you are watching the discussion on Facebook or YouTube, you can ask questions directly in the chat windows of those applications.

Is it possible to watch just a discussion without watching the film?
Yes. The discussions are accessible free of charge on Facebook and YouTube. Starting on 20 May, they will also be accessible at oneworldonline.cz in the “Extras” section displayed with the film detail.

Can I rate a film online?
Yes. After watching a film, you can rate it with one to five stars based on how you liked it. From 20 May to 6 June, your rating of a film will be included in the process of selecting the film to receive the Audience Award. The winning film will be announced at the end of the festival.