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In the forefront we see a person wearing a protective suit and helmet dragging a piece of white canvas attached to a pole over the grass. There are rows of flagpoles with many flags along the sides and an imposing building in the back.

The Red Ring

There are many diseases in the word. We are intensively battling one right now. But there are others lurking in the background that many people don’t take too seriously. One of those is Lyme disease. I’ve had it myself and I found the fact that, in essence, doctors don’t know anything about this disease to be quite shocking. Director Joonas Berghäll decided he’d get to the core of the issue. But you really don’t want to know how much effort and money it cost him. Or actually, you do – take a look, and most importantly, watch out for ticks!

Ondřej Moravec
— Programme Director

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