One World returns after the coronavirus interruption! Festival organizers with partners’ support have decided to restart the programme in September in Prague and regions!

One World in the Regions will start in Sušice on 10 September. The programme will then move to other parts of the Czech Republic between 17 September and 24 October. Local organisers in 23 cities will curate these individual programmes. 

One World in the Regions is organized by People in Need in conjunction with its regional partners. Thanks to the growing number of regional festivals every year, topical subjects reach tens of thousands of people in all corners of the Czech Republic. This provides viewers with a unique opportunity to discuss the human rights issues, thereby contributing to a more cultured, tolerant and educated society. This initiative is completely voluntary and spontaneous.

The regional versions of the festival could not exist without the spirited civic approach of local partners, who take an active interest in what’s going on around them and have sufficient energy and zest to bring, via the festival, contemporary issues to their towns. The diversity of cooperating organizations and individuals confers a degree of originality on every regional festival, making it a colourful, unique whole.