One World presents a hot January in March

Climate change and its impacts on the local landscape – that is the subject that we have decided to focus on at this year’s One World film festival under the motto of “Not till a hot January.” The festival has looked at environmental issues since nearly the very beginning, and over the past three years films on this subject have had their own category, UnEarthed. This year, it is our main thematic category. In addition, all virtual reality documentaries will be on the subject of nature and the environment, supplemented by a special nature installation. 

“By combining creative documentaries, accompanying events, and VR projects, we hope to provide a broad overview of the climate crisis – compared to other festivals that also address this subject, the diverse range of perspectives is truly unique. For instance, you can attend a workshop on fermenting seasonal vegetables, see a film on environmental racism (a subject almost nobody talks about in our country), explore nature in a dead forest at DOX, or immerse yourself in an emotional VR environment,” says the festival’s programming director Ondřej Moravec. The 22nd edition of the One World festival takes place from 5 to 14 March in Prague, after which it will travel to 35 other cities throughout the Czech Republic.

The festival opens with the Oscar-nominated Honeyland. This internationally recognized documentary about traditional beekeeper Hatidze Muratova looks not only at a disappearing trade in the breathtaking mountain regions of North Macedonia, but is also a powerful parable about the state of our civilization. Hatidze lives a quiet life with her sick mother in an old mountain village, but her peace is upset by the arrival of a nomadic family that sees beekeeping as a quick way to make money. The poetic and understand yet multilayered film shows what it means to fully internalize the natural order and live in harmony with it. The film is being distributed in the Czech Republic by Artcam Films.

Besides the main category, UnEarthed, the festival consists of its three annual competition categories (Czech Competition, International Competition, and Right to Know), plus another thirteen thematic sections. The retrospective of Nanfu  Wang is also a part of the programme. The American-based Chinese director first caught the world’s attention with her 2016 debut film Hooligan Sparrow about human rights activist Ye Haiyan. The film has been shown at festivals in more than 25 countries, and was shortlisted for an Academy Award in the category of Best Documentary Feature. Besides showing this first film, the retrospective also presents her documentary I Am Another You and her most recent work, One Child Nation, which won the Grand Jury Award for best documentary film at the Sundance film festival. 

Oscar nominees at One World

This year’s One World festival is also showing several films that were nominated for the Academy Awards. Besides the festival’s opening film Honeyland, these include The Cave, the second Oscar-nominated film by member of the International Jury Feras Fayyad. The film tells the story of Syrian doctor Amani Ballour, who runs an underground hospital in the eastern town of Ghouta. Another entrant from Syria is For Sama, which tells the dramatic tale of journalist and filmmaker Waad Al-Kateab as she reports on the unending conflict as a witness for her newborn daughter Sama. The film was also nominated for a BAFTA Award. The film is being distributed in the Czech Republic by Artcam Films. 

One World in numbers

  • This year’s festival presents 133 documentaries from 60 countries in 16 categories 
  • We are showing 27 exclusive premieres (21 world and international premieres, 6 European premieres)  
  • The festival takes place in 37 cities (5–14 March in Prague, then throughout the Czech Republic and in Brussels)  
  • We have more than 130 confirmed festival guests  
  • As part of One World for All, all films will be screened with Czech subtitles – this includes films in Czech. The entire program is thus accessible for people with hearing impairments. In addition, the festival is showing 4 films with audio commentary for people with visual impairments, plus 3 relaxed screenings for viewers with mental impairments, autism, or epilepsy.
  • 132,227 visitors saw films at the 2019 festival 

Practical information  

  • Ticket sales in Prague start on Wednesday 19 February. Ticket prices are CZK 70 in the first wave and CZK 90 in the second. During the festival, tickets cost CZK 110. 
  • Holders of a handicapped ID and viewers over age 65 receive a 50% discount on all screenings.
  • For people with a handicapped ID, their attendants receive free admission.
  • In order to ensure reservations for holders of a handicapped ID and for further information (accessibility, seniors, Czech sign language interpretations, audio commentary), please write to or call +420 221 462 411. 
  • As in the past, this year we again offer central assisted ticket sales at an information stand in the Lucerna building, where filmgoers will find two computers where they can purchase tickets online for any screening at any cinema, with volunteers available to help if necessary. The tickets are either printed out or sent via email. 
  • The press center, where we will be issuing press accreditation during the festival, can be found at the People in Need Center in the Langhans Building (Vodičkova 37, Prague), which is open from 5 to 14 March from 10am to 8pm. 
  • The festival’s audience center will be at the Tibet Open House on Školská Street in Prague 1. Here, visitors can purchase festival merchandise, relax with their children over a cup of coffee, or attend various accompanying events.
  • During the festival, parents may make use of a children’s play corner at the Municipal Library on Mariánské náměstí.   

„Téma klimatické krize chceme ukázat v co nejširším měřítku,“ říká programový ředitel Jednoho světa Ondřej Moravec / “We hope to provide a broad overview of the climate crisis,“ festival’s programming director Ondřej Moravec.
“We hope to provide a broad overview of the climate crisis,“ festival’s programming director Ondřej Moravec.

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