What did we bring from Polička? New annual themes and regional jury

This year, the traditional off-site meeting of the One World Film Festival’s regional co-ordinators took place on the weekend of 29 November to 1 December 2019. After many years, we decided on a change of scenery and moved the venue  from forest to town, convening in Polička, a beautiful location  on the Bohemian-Moravian border.

And what an event-packed weekend it was!  In addition to the presentation of visual and annual themes, there were several workshops and discussions. Saturday evening included the screening of a Czech documentary that is in progress. Of course, the agenda also included the popular Film Autopsy event, led by the director Jára Kratochvíl.

All of the participants praised the working weekend: “Polička is wonderful, and the Theatre Club is a pleasant space to meet. The food was fantastic. The ability to chat with the other regional organisers was quite beneficial for me.” Representatives from thirty-two towns met in Polička, together with a part of the Prague team as well as the guests who were invited for the discussions. This year, we even had some participants from abroad – two representative of One World Bratislava.

Most of the meeting activities took place at the Polička Theatre Club. The local Pontopolis Civic Association was also involved in organising the event – in addition to participating in the One World Festival, this group also organises the Mime Fest international festival of mime theatre.

This is the second year we voted for the members of the regional jury, and in Prague, we will be pleased to welcome Jana Dvořáková from Český Krumlov, Zdeněk Frelich from Opava, and Kristýna Voříšková from Pilsen.  The film that this jury selects will automatically be included in the Promítej i ty! – Get Your Audience! project’s film collection.

We extend our thanks to Pontopolis for their invitation, their hospitality, and for the food! And we must not forget to mention the sweet cider provided by the Květná zahrada Civic Association.

Výjezdní zasedání regionálních koordinátorů festivalu

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Výjezdní zasedání regionálních koordinátorů festivalu

What did we bring from Polička? New annual themes and regional jury

This year, the traditional off-site meeting of the One World Film Festival’s regional co-ordinators took place on the weekend of 29 November...

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