Films that are changing the world: What can you do?

Things don’t end with the rolling of the final credits. Some of the documentaries have an associated campaign that viewers can join. These campaigns usually offer a way of helping the film’s protagonists handle their difficulties, but you will also find tips for Czech organisations and initiatives focused on the issues presented in the films. There are many ways in which you can be involved. 

If you do not find the solution you were looking for after watching the film, don’t hesitate to find your own way. Start a petition, become a volunteer, contribute to humanitarian aid, or participate in a charitable collection. It also helps to share and disseminate information among your friends and family.

For Sama
Some Syrian towns are still suffering from airstrikes carried out by more than one army at once, and medical personnel are facing an unimaginably difficult situation. Thanks to the Action For Sama campaign you can contribute towards helping the doctors and their teams who continue to save lives in the war-ravaged country. What’s even easier than a financial contribution? Show your support on social networks – take a photo of yourself with the hashtag #StopBombingHospitals and add @ActionForSama and @ForSamaFilm to your photos. 

As magical as life in the Macedonian “honeyland”  may appear to be, it is in no way easy. Hatidze’s traditional approach to beekeeping is appealing, but it is a very difficult way to earn a living. You can order honey from Hatidze or her neighbours on the film’s official website, and in this way help to support their way of life and obtain a unique souvenir for yourself.

In My Blood It Runs
For the young First Nations boy Dujuan, attending a traditional Australian school is more of a torment than anything else. The school curricula do not respect his origin and roots, and Dujuan dreams of a school led by First Nations Australians. This dream has already taken on more definitive outlines and, thanks to an online collection, even you can help to support the establishment of an Australian First Nations school and school programmes that will not discriminate against anyone.  

Lost Home
Oliver and Matej, the protagonists of the film Lost Home, head the organisation Academy of Emergency Medicine. They provide healthcare and training in places where there is armed conflict as well as in areas where access to medical assistance is difficult. You can support this organisation in the spirit of the motto of their campaign – #ONESECONDTOSAVEALIFE – on the Academy’s website.

Eye to Eye
In the Czech Republic, one of the organisations that coordinates meetings between perpetrators and crime victims is the Prison Fellowship, specifically through its Burning Bridges project. Within the framework of the internationally functioning model of restorative justice, it facilitates an eight-week dialogue, held onsite at prisons, between perpetrators and victims of violent crimes committed by others. This helps the perpetrators understand the damage they have caused to their own victims, and, in the case of the victims, starts the healing process. This project also prepares perpetrators and their victims for a face-to-face meeting. You can support the Fellowship’s activities with a financial contribution through their website.

Lessons of Love
It’s possible to find the love of one’s life at any age.. In the Czech Republic, you can turn to the Elpida online dating app,  which already has the profiles of more than 700 senior citizens, both male and female, from throughout the entire country. If you prefer meeting in real life, Elpida also offers a broad range of courses, lectures, exercise classes, and other activities.

Sovereign Soil 
Even we who live in cities can experience the joy that comes from growing our own herbs or vegetables. There are many places to find tips and inspiration, such as the Kokoza organisation, which has for several years been organising courses and raising awareness about growing your own food in a city, composting, healthy food, and community life. During the festival, you’ll have the opportunity to attend their workshop entitled “Bombs and Cutting – A Different Kind of Herb Cultivation” (Saturday 12/9 at 15:45 - Kasárna Karlín.)

The Cave
The film presents a devastating eye-witness account of the humanitarian crisis in Syria. It is also a testimony about the position and role of women. The protagonist, Doctor Amani Ballour, inspired the creation of the Al Amal (Hope) Fund, the proceeds of which will be used to support women facing similar situations in regions of conflict. You can support the fund with a financial contribution.
Another way in which you can support Doctor Amani and other healthcare professionals working under difficult conditions is by signing the Petition for Truth. The petition aims to not only spread awareness about the entire situation, but also to voice a challenge addressed to politicians, asking them to intervene and to help those in need. #StandWithDrAmani

The Secret Lives of Pigs
One of the organisations striving to achieve improved conditions for farmed animals in the Czech Republic is OBRAZ – Animal Defenders. You can use their online form to report cases of animal cruelty. OBRAZ will process the complaint, even documenting it further in some cases. You can also help with financial support or by becoming actively involved.

The Earth is Blue as an Orange
This is the seventh year of the war in Eastern Ukraine. Some of the locals don’t want to abandon their homes and remain even though their living conditions are very complicated. People in Need helps the needy with deliveries of supplies, the repair of damaged buildings, and support provided to start-up businesses. You can support these activities with your financial contribution to the SOS Ukraine collection.