The Czechs Are Excellent Mushroom Pickers

(Češi jsou výborní houbaři)

The Czechs Are Excellent Mushroom Pickers

HHow would an extra-terrestrial intelligence view homo sapiens and the way the species plods along? The way we humans treat our planet? Do Czechs differ in how they care for nature?

This environmental essay, stylised as a dialogue between two researchers from a different planet, observes life on Earth – in a small territory in the centre of Europe called Czechia. The locals, known as Czechpanzees, aren’t exactly perfect when it comes to caring for nature, and the visitors from outer space can’t comprehend how humans recklessly treat all that surrounds and forms them in the name of business and to the profit of a few successful entrepreneurs. The filmmakers try to look at the topic of climate change with detachment and humour, but they cannot avoid the fact that it is a serious issue. Unless we want to become mere fossils, we have to act right away.

World premiere

About the film

Director: Apolena Rychlíková
Czech Republic
2020 | 54 min.

Language: Czech

Subtitles: English




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