Angels on Diamond Street

(Angels on Diamond Street)

An inspiring portrait of a small supportive community in a church on Diamond Street in Philadelphia, which helps the homeless, the socially disadvantaged, and immigrants. One of the new arrivals is Carmela, who finds refuge in the local kitchen.

Carmela and her four children escaped to Philadelphia from organised crime afflicted Mexico, but without the right documents they face the threat of immediate deportation. Luckily, they find refuge in a church on Diamond Street, in one of the city’s poorest areas. The local guardian angels of the oppressed are three singular women: pastor Renee, head cook Mamie, and former Black Panthers member, volunteer Barbara. Their determined work for the church and the kitchen for the poor provides support for all vulnerable people, without regard to race or past. With them, Carmela finds not only protection but also the courage to maintain her efforts for a more dignified life.

Czech premiere

About the film

Director: Petr Lom
Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway
2019 | 88 min.

Language: English, Spanish

Subtitles: English