What can you do if your clients are dissatisfied with your cleaning and start to attack you verbally and physically? And want to rape you? This isn’t a survival course, but rather one preparing Filipino maids for their future profession.

Never cry or show weakness before an employer. Make sure the cutlery is precisely the right distance from the plate. Prepare for when a child likes you better than its own mother and she becomes jealous. This is the type of advice future household workers from the Philippines get during a preparatory course prior to leaving for Dubai, Lebanon, Qatar, or Oman. The course includes group role play of various situations the women may meet as they care for the children and homes of rich families. They are willing to suffer in return for money that will help them ensure a better life for their own families at home. But where is the boundary between cheap labour and slavery?

Czech premiere

About the film

Director: Sung-A Yoon
Belgium, France
2019 | 90 min.

Language: English, Filipino

Subtitles: English