In My Blood It Runs

(In My Blood It Runs)

Dujuan is 10. Caught between the culture of the native Australians from whom he is descended and the majority Australian society in whose system he is growing up, he is seeking his identity.

Dujuan and his two siblings are growing up with their mother and grandmother in a poor suburb of Alice Springs in northern Australia. They spend all their free time outdoors with their friends, and at weekends go with their grandmother to the bush where their community lives. She tries to teach Dujuan their native tongue, and through personal stories the history of his ethnic group, with varying degrees of success. At school Dujuan battles the education system which still does not reflect the reality and history of Australia’s native population. This poetic film tracks this unusual and stubborn boy in his personal battle to find a safe space in which to grow up.


For the young First Nations boy Dujuan, attending a traditional Australian school is more of a torment than anything else. The school curricula do not respect his origin and roots, and Dujuan dreams of a school led by First Nations Australians. This dream has already taken on more definitive outlines and, thanks to an online collection, even you can help to support the establishment of an Australian First Nations school and school programmes that will not discriminate against anyone.

Czech premiere

About the film

Director: Maya Newell
2019 | 84 min.

Language: English

Subtitles: English