Pomm works as a nurse in a small private home for Alzheimer's patients in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Meanwhile, Maya lives with her husband in Switzerland, but he and his daughters gradually come to the conclusion that they are unable to provide the necessary care.

What if it is not possible to take care of those we are most concerned about daily? Pomm has a failed marriage that has resulted in three children – the two oldest were brought up by their mother, who lives a few hours' drive from Chiang Mai, and the youngest, Nadia, has remained with her father, who lives even further away. Because of his difficult job, Pomm can only see her children once a month, while the rest of the time she takes care of her clients from the West, who cannot be adequately looked after by their loved ones; like Maya, whose family brings her at the end of the film to the Chiang Mai sanatorium. Through the fate of the caregiver Pomm and her clients, this delicately shot film captures the forms of care and the transfer of care in today's interconnected world.

Czech premiere

About the film

Director: Kristof Bilsen
Belgium, Netherlands
2019 | 82 min.

Language: English, German, Thai

Subtitles: English