China: Powerful and Powerless

China is a key world player and we must count on its influence increasing further. But despite excellent economic results and great technological advances, various population groups remain disadvantaged. The selected films show the effects of the one-child policy, the state’s inability to care for the needy, and the way in which people who speak out against the regime or do not fall within the Chinese norm are harassed. Other films include a documentary on China's growing influence abroad and a portrait of a family who tries to live according to Confucian rules.

Čína – mocná i bezmocná

Films in category China: Powerful and Powerless

A Tunnel

The Chinese project One Belt, One Road (a modern Silk Road) has reached even a remote Georgian village. What does it bring the locals in addition to the promised prosperity and a better standard of living?

Confucian Dream

In the reality of rapidly changing China, more and more people are resorting to the ancient teachings of Confucianism. One of them is Chaoyan, who hopes the ancient ways will help improve her family life and ensure a better future for her young son.

China's Artful Dissident

An anonymous Chinese artist is fighting against a totalitarian state that has already caught up with many of his colleagues. What can one person do against a seemingly omnipotent regime?

Leftover Women

Unmarried Chinese women of around 30 are labelled shengnu – leftover. Until they find a husband they face both the open contempt of the Chinese government and the stifling judgement of society and even their closest relatives.

One Child Nation

China's one child policy has left scars that did not heal even after it was abolished in 2015. Almost every Chinese family carries them, and some of them go far beyond the country's borders.

The Two Lives of Li Ermao

The time-lapse story of the life of trans woman Ermao is a portrait of a person longing for love and acceptance, whose life is full of harsh twists and turns in the urban and rural environment of contemporary China.


She herself is fighting an incurable disease, but has enough strength to help others. In China, which boasts economic success, but ostracises those with AIDS.

Other Thematic Categories

Mezinárodní soutěž

International competition

The International Competition presents the most original films that have appeared on the world’s documentary scene over the past few months. Three quarters of this year’s selection consists...

Máte právo vědět

Right To Know

The films competing for the Václav Havel Jury Award have strong themes. They cast light on major human rights violations, give the oppressed a voice, and support the battle against oppression and undignified...

Česká soutěž

Czech competition

The fourth year of the Czech Competition presents the newest locally produced films worthy of attention. This section aims not only to show films making their world premiere but also to give space to...



The climate crisis is today’s hottest topic. While media present the views of scientists, politicians, deniers and activists, icebergs melt, the Australian bush burns, ocean temps rise and Czech...

Jeden svět interaktivně

One World Interactive: UnEarthed

This year the UnEarthed category’s interactive offshoot offers several virtual reality documentaries. Like last year, it’s divided into two parts. The Brainz VR Cinema will show the best 360°...



Apart from this year’s main theme focused on the health of our planet, one of this year’s annual sections looks at the health of its inhabitants, particularly healthcare systems that are in...


Masculinity and Femininity

Last year the festival looked at the broader issue of identity in general. This year the focus is on the narrower theme of gender identity. After women’s emancipation, the masculinity crisis is...

Jeden svět dětem

Gaps in the System

Every system – political, social and judicial – has deficiencies and gaps. Some people look for them and use them to climb the social ladder, others fall through to the very bottom. We find...

Čína – mocná i bezmocná

China: Powerful and Powerless

China is a key world player and we must count on its influence increasing further. But despite excellent economic results and great technological advances, various population groups remain disadvantaged....

Cesty ke svobodě

Journeys To Freedom

The films in this category are devoted to the regions where People in Need has long been active and to other non-democratic regimes. This year, in addition to capturing life in the middle of a war or...


One Zero

Ones and zeroes. We spend increasingly more time on social networks and in other cyberworlds. The films in this category draw attention to the unrealistic expectations we often have of new technologies,...

atzijezivot (2)

Long Live Life

Human diversity and the will to live in one’s own way, often against the expectations of majority society, are the focal point of this category. Become inspired on a Greek tomato eco-farm or with...



The Panorama category presents the best documentaries of the past two years. The hits of the Sundance, Berlinale, IDFA, and CPH:DOX festivals are notable for their high-quality, unique themes and stories....

Krátce a výstižně

Short and Apt

Short documentaries have an advantage over feature films – they capture current events faster, thus leaving more room for discussion. Our activists’ section covers the protests in Venezuela,...

Retrospektiva: Nanfu Wang

Retrospective: Nanfu Wang

She is one of today’s most progressive filmmakers. Her last documentary, One Child Nation, was on the Oscar shortlist and won the U. S. Documentary Competition at Sundance. Although Nanfu Wang has...

Jeden svět dětem

Docs For Kids

One World doesn’t ignore the youngest filmgoers and this category is for them. Short, dubbed films introduce children to their peers from around the world. This year, they will see how children...