Kino Aero

Biskupcova 87/31a, Prague 3
Tel.: +420 271 771 349


Mon: 10:00–00:00 
Tue: 09:30–00:00 
Wed: 09:30–00:00 
Thu: 10:00–00:00 
Fri: 10:00–01:00 
Sat: 11:30–01:00 
Sun: 11:30–00:00 

Accessible Venue Accessible Toilet

Getting there?

Tram: tram stop Biskupcova is accesible in both directions (lines: 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 25, 98) 290 m from the tram stop (street Biskupcova)

By car: nearest disabled parking spot is on the Biskupcova street, across the tram stop (290 m)

Venue plan


  • The auditorium has equipment for displaying captions on the screen.  
  • There are eight spaces in the auditorium for audience members using wheelchairs, which are situated in the central section of the auditorium and along the sides. 
  • The bar has restricted access for people with disabilities (there are two step leading down from the foyer). The entrance to the auditorium and the barrier-free toilet are both at the same level as the entrance to the cinema building. 
  • The barrier-free toilet is a part of the women’s lavatory and is accessible from the foyer and through the entry hall. 
  • The emergency exit has restricted access for people with disabilities. 


  • The Aero Cinema is located in an enclosed courtyard. The entrance to the auditorium is on  Biskupcova Street, through a double door which mechanically opens outward. 
  • There is a bell signalling system in place. Beyond the entryway, there is a circular staircase leading downwards to the level of the sunken courtyard. A vertical lifting platform is installed for the stairs. The surface of the enclosed courtyard is tiled with high-quality cobbles. 

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Kino Aero

Kino Aero

Biskupcova 87/31a, Prague 3
Tel.: +420 271 771 349



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